Comment on Web Consultancy Group LTD Review by Mr. Wednesday.

Web Consultancy Group Google Reviews

Moderator legal note: Although the owner of Web Consultancy Group Ltd: (Stephen Hall) has another registered business called Visibility Group Ltd: with similar web services etc, same business address, legally they are NOT the same business. They are separate limited businesses legally.

I made the error a few years back of saying DLH Web Consultancy Ltd (owned by Stephen Hall, now closed) was the same business as Web Consultancy Group Ltd (owned by Stephen Hall) and it allowed Stephen Hall to make a successful Google defamation claim, see: How I Fell Foul of a Google Defamation Claim.

Had I not added this note to your comment Stephen Hall could again make a defamation claim and have this comment and any other pages on the site showing the comment removed from Google!

In layman terms you are sort of right, but legally you are wrong. They didn’t change their name, Stephen Hall has two similar businesses and could in the future close one of them like he did with DLH Web Consultancy Ltd.

As an addendum to my comment, Web Consultancy have, once more, changed their identity (see moderator legal note above). They are now going under Visibility Group Ltd. Add this to the pile of their other monikers.

As I inferred in my original comment, I can only assume that this is to further exploit certain financial loopholes, and legal loopholes as well. (Too many complaints to the ICO about cold-calling? Well, i’ll just start this new company and hassle more unwary people..) You can see that none other than Stephen Hall is registered as the director at

Perhaps more interesting is the Barbara Kahan noted as the resigned director. This name is probably already familiar but you can otherwise read more on why this is interesting at

You can also see that, despite this recent name change (see moderator legal note above), they have 4 positive reviews, including some familiar names.

Cockroaches are always notoriously difficult to exterminate, and I feel these insects won’t be eradicated for a good while yet unfortunately. All people can do is be warned of Stephen Hall’s uncouth business practices to starve the beast of money and maybe, hopefully, kill it for good.