Comment on Web Consultancy by Mr. Wednesday.

I am afraid I may be somewhat late to this, but it’s better late than never considering this is the only impartial website that appears high in the search rankings when you search “dlh web consultancy middlesbrough”.

I speak as someone with dealings with Web Consultancy and with intimate knowledge of the office environment.

Firstly, let me say this, so if nobody reads anything else in this admittedly long-winded comment, this at least shows: Anybody who receives spam e-mails from this terrible company, do not contact them. Do not listen. Do not believe the lies they spout. Report the spam to the ICO ( . Remember: Companies cannot and should not send you spam emails without your permission. Make this clear when you write to the ICO if you receive an email from them. Any attempts to unsubscribe will be ignored.

With that out of the way:

To put it quite plain and simple, as if I need to, this is a company with a gigantic ego and the thinnest skin you can imagine. A company who feel the need to deploy a suspicious amount of damage control yet don’t attempt to mend their reputation. A company with so many red flags hanging over them that you would be forgiven for thinking they are the central headquarters of a local Communist chapter. A company with an exceptional amount of shady dealings.

They absolutely do not remove anyone from their mailing lists. They brag about this in their office, specifically Mark Waller (More on this individual later), and will constantly harass people.

This may be the reason for numerous address changes. If one looks at the Companies House page for DLH Web Consultancy LTD, or simply Web Consultancy Ltd, you will notice an array of address changes. My only guess is that they get caught spamming people, the authorities take notice and they quickly up sticks and move.

They are also notorious for review bombing. Look at their Google business page. Something strange? Notice how a lot of positive reviews have very similar syntax and structure. Notice also how any negative review is met with a long-winded, quite targeted, rant at the reviewer in question. I find it funny that they targeted this website with a defamation claim.

I beg you, read through the Google reviews, find one with a single star and read the owner’s reply. The reviewers targeted by Stephen Hall, He Of The Thin Skin, should suit up with their own defamation claims too.

You will see this anywhere that somebody has left a negative review or written a blog about their shady business.

Read names across any positive review as well. You will find patterns. You will find very similar names. Quite simply, they are gaming the system. Not illegal, obviously, but anybody who can do five seconds of searching will see that this is not a company to trust.

Their websites are exceptionally poor. Sadly, I have seen a few companies who have fallen for Mark Waller’s sales pitch. The websites are basic garbage in WordPress that anybody with access to Google could knock up in the space of ten minutes. One needs only review the PageSpeed analysis of any website claiming to be designed by Web Consultancy to see how haphazardly they work.

I see a lot of references to the proven criminal Elizabeth Mulligan (Defamation infers a false statement. There is no defamation: Elizabeth Mulligan is a criminal, a shamed solicitor who stole close to £10,000 from her previous job.) but Mark Waller is the main source of the sales pitch these days. He is of low character, a sociopathic and fairly toxic individual.

Should anybody have dealings with Mr. Waller, simply tell him to go away, that you have no interest in the waste of space that is Dirty Oil (If you want to know why to call him that, visit I learned this from a close friend of mine who once worked there. I find it amusing.)

Mr. Stephen Hall is the kingpin behind this mess. A trust fund kid funded by Daddy’s money, Hall is the reason why Web Consultancy is the lone nugget of waste that won’t flush down the bowl. Hall’s father was fairly high up in local government, and has been known to pull a few strings here and there. At one point, in August 2015, an eviction notice was served to the company by Redcar and Cleveland Council for not paying.

Needless to say, the date for eviction passed and nothing else was said or done. Because Stephen Hall greased a few palms and ran to dear old Daddy.

Stephen Hall spends his existence mostly smoking weed in the office, writing responses to reviews and letting everybody else do the work. I have also seen him give an illicit substance to an apprentice. When not doing this, he is also threatening people on Facebook, as seen above in one of your comments. This is because, as I have put, Stephen Hall is a child trapped in the body of a man. A scared child dependant on Father to save him. And when nobody can save him, the child is backed into a corner and responds in that most primal of instincts: To scream and shout.

There is but one caveat to this entire tale: Some good people have worked for Web Consultancy. I can assure you, however, that they quickly move on to better things when they find out that the dysfunctional business that regularly finds itself short of money and having to exploit financial loopholes to file for bankruptcy and start a new company under a similar name..simply isn’t worth working for.

Indeed, they do exploit a lot of loopholes in financial regulations. Some legally (but morally dubious, as is obvious) some…not so legally. Indeed, any government official wishing to add a notch to their belt should investigate Stephen Hall and Web Consultancy. In their spaghetti junction of financial submissions and dealings, one would quickly spot numerous discrepancies. One would also do quite well in tracing the finances and dealings of Web Consultancy to a number of offshoot companies, such as Adwords Company and Indica Web Design. I imagine Mr. Hall and company would be sentenced for quite some time if their financial irregularities came to light.

If you can’t publish this comment, I understand. This is a vile, disgusting company that is willing to do everything but put in actual hard work to fix its reputation. It will exploit Google’s algorithms and review bomb before doing any hard graft. I want to put a bullet in the gun of somebody who wants to research and take on this company, not give THEM ammunition to take down a site that speaks the utmost truth about this horrible company that refuses to die.

David, keep this site up, and keep up the good work. Don’t bow to these disgusting vermin.

May the Gods smile on you.

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