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Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Web Consultancy Group.

If you want to I’d start with share your experience of Web Consultancy Group with others Google Reviews.

Search Google for “Web Consultancy Group Ltd” and on the right you should see some information about the Web Consultancy Group Ltd business like the screenshot below.

Update: The above Google search no longer finds the relevant Google listing, search for “Web Consultancy – Web Design Middlesbrough & North East” instead finds the same Google listing, but with slightly different details. I know it’s the same Google listing because I added a review and it’s still live.

Web Consultancy Group Google Reviews

Web Consultancy Group Google Reviews

Click the Google Reviews link and you can share your Web Consultancy Group Review.

Web Design Review

I took a look at your website design (found via your comments email address). I won’t share your website here since you didn’t add it to your comment.

Can see Web Consultancy Group built the site, when viewing HTML source (in a browser “Right Click” near some text, select “View Page Source”), near the bottom is this code:

<div class="copy-right">
<!-- <p><a target="_blank" href="" title="Web Design">Web Design</a> By Web Consultancy</p> -->
</div> <!-- end copy-right -->

That’s a text link from every webpage on the site linking to the Web Consultancy domain home page.

It’s been commented out so it’s not an SEO issue now (someone commented it out recently), but I can see via the WayBack Machine ( shows old versions of a site) sometime between May 2017 and September 2017 the current WordPress theme was uploaded to the site and at that time the above link was live (looks like it was live from September 2017 to March 2018).

It’s REALLY annoying when web developers do this (did they have your permission to pilfer your SEO link benefit?) as it passes important SEO benefit to their website damaging the SEO of your website!

Google frowns on this black hat SEO practice, if you agreed to this backlink as part of the deal it should have been nofollow so Google ignores it in it’s ranking algorithm.

Since the link is commented out it’s no longer an SEO issue for you.

When that link was live in September 2017 to March 2018 it was helping the Web Consultancy website rank in Google for the phrase “Web Design” and any related searches. You in effect paid them to help them gain more Google traffic, they should have paid you: some home page links can cost over £1,000 a year to rent.

Looks like they add this to many of their clients sites, search Google for

“Web Design By Web Consultancy”

Including the speech marks.

Your site is still listed because you commented out the link above a couple of weeks ago and Google hasn’t reindexed/reranked your site without the link yet.

I see sites with pretty much the same WordPress design your site uses like:

: – Google lists this one as “This site may be hacked.”

The web design is basic, nothing special about it, you could have got something like this done on a place like Fivers for as little as $5 (people will install WordPress and a theme for $5!).

It’s pretty much a WordPress theme with a few associated plugins and a handful of webpages (about, contact…) and images: half a days work for someone who knows what they are doing.

If you paid £1,000 for that I’m in the wrong business (SEO consulting)!

When running these sites (and yours) through Google’s Lighthouse Audits Tool they show a lot of problems.

The page speed results are terrible, your site took over 20 seconds to load, some took over 30 seconds! There’s no performance SEO features at all, your site isn’t even secure (https) which will cause you problems with Google later this year.

They are running a vulnerable version of Jquery: running the risk of the site being hacked.

The image slider (the big images at the top) aren’t even fully mobile responsive: I reviewed a site recently which runs the same slider plugin (Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin) and it’s not a plugin I’d use.

Hmm, did they buy you a license for the Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin?

Basically if I owned any of these websites, I’d delete them and start again, they are pants!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you rely on your site for business it’s not ideal. If it’s just there because you feel you need a website and all your business is generated via other marketing channels, it’s not such a big deal.


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