Comment on Web Consultancy by Thomas Jones.

So glad I found this review as I was going to invest heavily in a new project and had received the same email as above from Elizabeth Mulligan. I did a cursory Google search on herself and the company and found swathes of information.


A shamed solicitor who fleeced her Teesside firm of almost £10,000 to pay off student debts is now behind bars.

Elizabeth Handley had a student overdraft of £15,000 and owed another £8,000 on credit cards when she milked the accounts of Freers Solicitors in Baker Street, Middlesbrough.

Last night, Handley, 30, of Turnpike Road, Sedgefield, started a three-month prison sentence.

Handley, who had total debts of £23,000, practised under her maiden name, Liza Mulligan, and was earning £30,000 a year when she was arrested last February 16.

Paul Bryan, a partner in Freer, said: “As far as I am concerned, this was a case of dishonesty, deception and greed. But I would like to stress that no client’s money went missing. She stole from the firm.”

Handley, who admitted four thefts and four counts of false accounting, had her case transferred from Teesside to Durham for sentencing because she was a familiar figure in court at Teesside, instructing barristers on behalf of clients in criminal trials.

Robin Denny, defending, described the situation as “a classic case of somebody in deep difficulty trying to rob Peter to pay Paul”.

Judge Tony Lancaster told Handley, who has been struck off as a solicitor, that he had no choice but to jail her. He said: “Your profession demands high standards of professionalism and probity, which you have failed to keep.”

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