Comment on Web Consultancy Review by Elizabeth Mulligan.

Web Consultancy Group Google Reviews I like to see myself as a fair honest person and I do as much as I can to help people who ask for my help. I have a young child and all I do is for her. Times are hard for most in the UK but we do our best.

So when someone calling himself ‘SEO Dave’ goes out of his way to try and damage my reputation and business I wonder why, is it personal? Does he have issues? Or is he just an angry horrible person? To this day I have no idea why he wants to do this to me but I guess I’ll never know his reasons.

Does it make you feel important trying to hurt a young business in the UK? Writing an entire blog post and republishing my email IS a hugely harsh overreaction; Acceptable for a pure Indian spammer out for a quick buck, but way over the top for a genuine business like mine.

My response is

I guess you will not allow this post on your site as people will see that you are not the nice guy you claim to be…however I’m not bothered if others see my reply on your site, you have seen it and thats what I wanted.

All the best ‘SEO Dave’