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Web Consultancy Group Google Reviews Another unsolicited SPAM email (pasted below) from Web Consultancy Group Limited regarding Google AdWords Partner Account Management.

If Middlesbrough based Web Consultancy Group LTD are so good at SEO and AdWords management why are they resorting to SPAM emails?

Surely they’d be generating enough free Google traffic from their organic search engine rankings and from their own AdWords campaigns. If they knew what they were doing every penny spent on their own AdWords campaigns would generate a ROI right??? making the use of shady business practices like SPAMMING potential clients unnecessary.

For the record the last two SPAM emails from Web Consultancy Group were to a domain I no longer use (not been used as a website for 5+ years, redirects to another site) this suggests they are harvesting email addresses from the Whois database to SPAM.

Web Consultancy Group LTD please stop sending SPAM emails, it suggests low quality business.


Web Consultancy Group SPAM Email Review

Web Consultancy Group SPAM Email Review

Hello, my name is Mark

I thought it would be better to email you rather than cold call; we all
know how annoying that is. I hope this email (although still cold) makes
a better impression and allows us to arrange a chat when it is convenient
for you.

I’d like to discuss your website and how you can improve it.

I expect you get plenty of emails asking that exact same thing and offering
to help. Trust me when I say we really stand out. Firstly, we are Yorkshire
based and really take pride in offering personal services. Secondly, we are a
Google Partner Company so you can take advantage of all of the benefits this
offers. Our speciality is search advertising and mobile advertising.

Before you jump in at the deep end, why not take advantage of our free in-depth
website audit? It will give you useful information about your website and what
may be restricting performance. Sometimes just a few little changes can really
improve conversion.

There is no obligation with the free report and the results will be sent to
you by email. We can then arrange a brief chat to go over them if you wish.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,


Web Consultancy Group
Royal Middlehaven House
North Yorkshire

01642 049 410

We always strive to email businesses that we feel could benefit from our services; every now and again
we email someone who’s not interested and if that’s the case with yourself please unsubscribe and
your details will be blocked from our server permanently, you will not receive any future correspondence.

Update May 2017 : This SPAM email was sent from the business Web Consultancy Group Ltd ( located at 21 Gosford St, Middlesbrough, TS2 1BB.