Comment on Web Consultancy Group LTD Review by SEO Gold Services.

Web Consultancy Group Google Reviews Received a response from Google today


Thanks for reaching out to us.

At this time, Google has decided not to take action based on our policies concerning content removal and reinstatement in regard to the URLs below:


The Google Team

Hmm, not happy, though found a temporary fix to add the content to another site, so should get the SERPs back soon.

Little SEO warning to Stephen Hall. If any more of my content is blocked due to your lies I’ll make a concerted effort to post truthful reviews (no need to lie, you are spammers) of your company to every relevant review site I can find and generate a couple of hundred articles related to your business to swamp your SERPs. These will be spread over hundreds of sites, you would have to spend months fixing the damage.

I will also make all the content created related to Reviews public domain so anyone can use it (webmasters love free content).

I’m content with the review (posted as a comment) being indexed on one domain (ideally this one), I have no interest in swamping the Web Consultancy Reviews SERPs, BUT my next step will be full on SEO war and that will include tracking down your customers and calling them direct to inform them of your shady business practices.

Take the hit of one negative review and move on, swamping the “Web Consultancy Reviews” SERPs would be really easy to achieve for me.