Comment on Web Consultancy Review by SEO Gold Services.

Web Consultancy Group Google Reviews The Middlesbrough based Web Consultancy Group LTD have apparently issued a defamation claim against my review comments resulting in Google removing this website for related SERPs.

Interestingly the reason for noticing the defamation notice is earlier today I received another SPAM email from what appears to be the same people (same town and phone number, different email address/URL linked to).

Middlesbrough Web Consultancy Group AdWords SPAM Email

Middlesbrough Web Consultancy Group AdWords SPAM Email

Subject : New Business Enquiry


My name is Louise and I’m from Teesside. I’m confident in assuming you receive (and probably ignore)
plenty of emails offering services similar to ours; this makes it very hard for me to stand out but
I hope I will do by writing a personal email that makes sense.

We are Google Partners that specialise in Search Advertising & Mobile Advertising. This means we
really can generate new business for you online. You don’t need to simply take my word for it either; go
to and search for my business name. You’ll find us.

This means I really mean it when I say ‘guarantee’ first page of Google. I know many others make the
same claim but most of the time they have nothing to back it up…

If boosting your online presence is something you’re interested in why not let us put together a free
proposal for you?.

I understand if you are already using a similar service; we would be happy to review the work currently
being done for you.

Either way all new customers get £100 free credit to get you started.
Kind Regards,

Louise Murray
Web Consultancy Group
Royal Middlehaven House
North Yorkshire
01642 049 410

We always strive to email businesses that we feel could benefit from our services; every now and again
we email someone who’s not interested and if that’s the case with yourself please unsubscribe and
your details will be blocked from our server permanently, you will not receive any future correspondence.

This unsolicited bulk email was sent to one of my old email addresses attached to the domain which I haven’t used in a while. The email address only receives SPAM.

The SPAM email says they can guarantee first page of Google and makes it sound like a special service. Any fool can guarantee first page Google results when the service offered is Google AdWords management.

I’ve never offered Google AWords as a marketing service, but I can honestly guarantee you Google 1st page results IF you have a large marketing budget to spend on the Google AdWords program. All you do is bid more than any other business for a search phrase and your Google AdWords ad is guaranteed to be near the top for as long as you keep throwing money at it.

I can also guarantee your website URL will be shown on TV, mentioned on the radio and listed in multiple newspapers IF you have a large enough marketing budget to pay for TV ads, radio ads and newspaper ads.

Their “This means I really mean it when I say ‘guarantee’ first page of Google. I know many others make the
same claim but most of the time they have nothing to back it up…” is nothing more than marketing snake oil. They might as well say if you spend enough money on ads your ads will be above all other ads who paid less than you, that’s guaranteed!

Update May 2017 : This SPAM email was sent from the business Web Consultancy Group Ltd ( located at 21 Gosford St, Middlesbrough, TS2 1BB.

David Law