Comment on Top 5 Sites for Royalty Free Images for Commercial Use by Tip.

Royalty Free Stock Photographs Hi David,

Thanks for the reply! You definitely made the point there. There’s a couple of changes to our website. First of all, we have images that are completely CC0 (this is going official soon) and you can browse them with the tag “cc0”. We have about 6,000 images at the moment with about 2,000 being original photographs we’ve released under Creative Commons with model releases and property releases intact, and the rest being illustrations and layer files (PSD). There’s no frill in using them in compliance with CC0. We also get a dedicated section on public domain illustrations that might pique your interest:

The rest of the free images are under our own license which is practically almost the same as Creative Commons. You are not allowed to sell the images but if you want to use them in wordpress theme (not selling the image but selling the theme), website design, social media, article, designs for your clients etc, you can. The part about endorsement is the basically the standard in both paid and free stock sites. Read Pixabay’s explanation here:–4/

I’ll let it up to you to decide whether you want to put our website on there or not but we do hope you check the site out again :D.


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