Comment on SEO Tutorial by SEO Gold Services.

SEO Tutorial by SEO Gold Please stop posting comments asking to learn SEO or asking about Free SEO training courses, I don’t teach webmasters etc… SEO for free beyond this free SEO tutorial (this is all you get for free).

There are No Degree Level SEO Training Courses

There are No Degree Level SEO Training Courses

I also don’t run any SEO training courses (paid or otherwise) and have no plans to offer a search engine optimization course in the future.

Read the SEO tutorial and if you have any specific SEO questions feel free to ask. There is little point asking “How does SEO Work?” or “I Want to Learn SEO Can You Help?” etc… because it’s like asking how long is a piece of string.

On the other hand SEO questions like “What’s the Value of nofollow Links” or “Does Google Ban Sites for Too Many AdSense Ads” I might actually write a comment explaining some important SEO information and techniques.

For those looking to hire SEO experts notice how some of the comments are from those working in the SEO industry and are trying to learn SEO. They should already know enough SEO techniques not to be asking these newbie SEO questions, they know less than you do!

David Law