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Been around 12 hours since creating my Miami SEO SERPs test article and already seeing some results. The Dallas SEO Services comment isn’t indexed yet, so isn’t generating any SERPs at this time.

Considering the target SERPs listed in the main article are real semi-competitive SERPs (Miami SEO Experts are targeting them, I have real competition), not some easy long tail SERPs that almost any website could obtain and no one is really targeting.

An easy test SERP would be: SEO Miami Money SERPs

As you would expect for what isn’t a money SERP straight in Google page 1, top result. No real visitors will search for this (no Miami SEO consultants target this), so it has no traffic value. Looks good though, so watch out for SEO businesses that show how great they are with SERPs like these.

Even a shorter long tail SERP like: SEO Miami SERPs (also Google page one top result) isn’t going to generate traffic.

What they show though is how easy with good onpage SEO long tail keyword SERPs are when using the SEO Package I developed. An SEO plugin like Yoast SEO wouldn’t help with long tail SERPs.

The title of this comment is “Miami SEO Long Tail Keyword SERPs” again not a phrase that will generate traffic (not a money SERP per se) and again already number 1 in Google before creating this comment shows how easy these long tail specific SERPs are.

A real SERP would be “Long Tail Keyword SERPs” and before this comment went live the main article was ranking around 35ish in Google (not that great, but wasn’t targeting it, just mentioned the phrase once I think). Should improve when this comment it indexed.

Anyway, to the targeted money phrases…

Checking the targeted SERPs none of them are ranked top 20 currently, would have been really surprised (and happy) had the article within 12hrs gone top 20 for these semi-competitive SERPS.

However check the Google results including speech marks. Searching Google with speech marks looks for “exact match” results only, few real search engine users will search for “SEO Miami Company” (include the speech marks), but it’s a good way to find your real competitors: which websites might be targeting a phrase.

“SEO Miami Company” Page one Google result, 8th out of 161,000 results.

This indicates there’s around 161,000 webpages using the exact phrase “SEO Miami Company”. It’s not a huge amount of competition, but it’s semi-competitive. Check “Miami SEO Long Tail Keyword SERPs” in comparison:

No results found for “Miami SEO Long Tail Keyword SERPs”.

There will be tomorrow :-) No website is targeting this SERP, on the entire Internet this will be the only website using the exact phrase (until the site is scraped that is).

This is an indication of possible future rankings when Google counts all internal backlinks and if you plan on working on new incoming backlinks (my SEO test is to see how high I can rank without incoming backlinks**) if it’s going to be a difficult SERP to target.

** Only additional promotion is sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. None of the links generated via social media networks pass direct SEO benefit, they are all nofollow (Google doesn’t count nofollow links as backlinks which pass SEO benefit).

Remember this test went live about 12 hours ago and most internal links won’t have been spidered and counted by Google yet and there’s not many internal links to the main Miami article.

I use a silo SEO linking technique on this site (built into the Stallion Responsive package) which limits how articles link together via the Stallion SEO Posts widget (best WordPress SEO widget there is) which includes silo SEO capabilities.

If you look on the left sidebar to the Recent Posts widget it only shows 4 recent posts and they are all from the SEO Tests category.

Go to any other article on the site like the silo SEO tutorial and note the Recent Posts widget loads 10 links and even though the Miami SEO article is the most recent post (as of 20th September 2014) you will only find articles from the WordPress SEO Tutorial category (the silo SEO article is in that category).

I’ve siloed the recent posts widget to only link to recent posts in the same category. Great for niching your content better, though at the expense of reducing internal backlinks.

What this means is the SEO Miami article only has around 10 long term internal backlinks. Long term as I create new posts or edit old ones I’ll find relevant places to add contextual links to the post (like the link above), but even then it will probably be under 50 internal backlinks.

Although I wouldn’t normally target so many money SERPs on one lightly linked post, let’s check all the money SERPs Google exact match results.

“SEO Miami Company” = 8th
“SEO Companies Miami” = 6th
“Miami SEO Companies” = 15th
“Miami SEO Company” = na
“SEO Services Miami” = na
“SEO Service Miami” = 22nd
“SEO Company Miami” = na
“SEO Miami” = na
“SEO in Miami” = na

na = not top 30.

Not bad for 12 hours in to the test.

David Law

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