Welcome to the best SEO Tutorial online with regular updates for over 15 years, here you will find answers to common and not so common search engine optimization (SEO) questions.

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SEO Tutorial by SEO Gold

SEO Tutorial by SEO Gold

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It’s impossible to fit an advanced SEO tutorial on one webpage, Google has over 200 ranking factors which is enough content to warrant a search engine optimization book! Below you will find a long list of SEO articles on this website which covers some of the SEO techniques and information I’ve acquired over the past 20 years researching and testing SEO theories etc…

Hire an SEO Consultant

Want to take advantage of my 20 years of SEO research and experience, hire me. I’ve worked as a freelance SEO consultant since 2002 working on small to medium size businesses with relatively small marketing budgets. I’ve built hundreds of websites to both make money online and just to test SEO ideas.

In 2020 I’d like to take on a single large SEO project full-time, a website that’s already established and generating a lot of organic Google traffic: sites like Amazon, FlipKart, eBay… where a 10% increase in traffic would generate $millions in additional sales would benefit from my technical SEO skills. I’ve checked all the above websites for SEO problems (see the Website SEO Reviews section below) and they all have low hanging SEO fruit which would generate a LOT of additional organic traffic from Google.

SEO Tutorials

Even if you read and understand every SEO tutorial below, though it will go a long way to aid you in optimizing your content etc… there’s still a lot more to learn, SEO is an ever evolving topic.

Unlike a lot of SEO experts I do most of the SEO research myself, avoiding the guesswork and speculation so many SEO consultants rely upon when they acquire their search engine optimization information from webmaster forums, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Twitter etc…!

I have a science background and use those skills to setup a LOT of SEO tests and experiments, why guess when you can test.

Performance SEO Tutorials

You will NOT find contradictory information within this step by step tutorial like you tend to find in even the best SEO forums and SEO Facebook groups which are filled with clueless amateur SEOs. If I’m not sure about an SEO hypothesis or theory I’ll include my thought process and arguments why I think in a particular way rather than SEO bullshit my way through the information.

Advanced SEO Tutorials

It never ceases to amaze me the basic SEO mistakes I find on some of the huge multi-billion dollar businesses (Amazon, FlipKart, Camping World…) have on their websites. You would think they’d hire the best SEO experts available, but apparently not.

Website SEO Reviews

Miscellaneous SEO Articles

David Law
: Technical SEO Expert with 20 years SEO and Search Engine Marketing experience... Creator of multiple WordPress SEO Themes and SEO Plugins.

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