Yoast WordPress SEO Google Page Speed Insights

Yoast WordPress SEO Google Page Speed Insights

Take a look at the Google Page Speed Insights results for a Yoast article (run the Google Page Speed Insights test yourself). I used the above Yoast article because it’s the first one I found with over 60 comments.

The current results (March 2014) are awful, only 40/100 for mobile devices!!! Not much better for desktop results 61/100.

This is for an article with 180 comments, if comments are left open those results might get worse as the page has to download more and more resources, check the results out for the Gravatar images (under Optimize Images), that page is having to download about 60 unoptimized Gravatar images from an off site source and Google doesn’t like it.

The above is also an SEO test for the Genesis theme framework, since the Yoast site runs under the Genesis WordPress theme framework with a custom Genesis child theme (Yoast V4). Those are not good SEO results for a WordPress theme that’s advertised as SEO friendly with the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin active and the theme custom built by Joost de Valk the Yoast SEO plugin developer!

I do love Google Page Speed Insights tool, anyone can go check out just how good/bad a site is optimized for fast loading times.

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