WordPress Site Title SEO

WordPress Site Title SEO

On my test site under WordPress “Settings” >> “General” I have the following two settings set to:

Site Title “Site Title WordPress SEO Plugin Review”

Tagline “Tagline Yoast WordPress SEO Tutorial”

Before activating the Yoast SEO plugin this results in a title tag that looks like this for the homepage when Twenty Fourteen is active.

<title>Site Title WordPress SEO Plugin Review | Tagline Yoast WordPress SEO Tutorial</title>

This is not best SEO practices (more like best SEO practices 2010), as you can read at Site Title Tag SEO unless your website requires branding the perfect title tag is generally just the Site Title. So for my example the homepage title tag should be.

<title>Site Title WordPress SEO Plugin Review</title>

This is possible with the Yoast SEO plugin, but it’s NOT the default output and there’s no easy way to set the ideal SEO settings (no SEO advice about the pros and cons either).

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