WordPress SEO Tutorial Google Search

WordPress SEO Tutorial Google Search

Today Google fills the additional title tag space with the site title (at the end which is ideal), so if a title tag is quite short Google shows the brand name of the site anyway.

The image shows two Google searches combined, the top search result shows the homepage of the Stallion Responsive Theme website with it’s title the name of the site “Stallion Responsive Theme”. The bottom part of the image is from the Google search “WordPress SEO Tutorial”, it’s showing the category WordPress SEO Tutorial as the most important page from this site for that SERP.

If you go to the WordPress SEO Tutorial category you’ll find the title tag (view source) looks like this:

<title>WordPress SEO Tutorial</title>

Yet the Google search clearly shows the name of the site with format “WordPress SEO Tutorial – Stallion Responsive Theme”. That’s because Google fills in the remaining title tag characters with the name of the site, so you get branding whether you like it or not without the SEO cost of actually adding the site name to all title tags. Even for a site you want to brand there’s an SEO argument not to include the site name within the title tags sitewide.

Basically if a title tag is short enough to also fit the name of the site you’ll see the name of the site as well for Google searches.

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