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Yoast SEO Homepage Title Tag Tutorial That’s a good SEO question and one we all struggle with on every webpage we create.

Do we target a single hard phrase (like “Wedding Photographer“), target multiple relatively hard phrases (like “Wedding Photographer and Wedding Venues”) or a really easy phrase (like “Wedding Photographers on the Moons of Jupiter”).

The answer depends upon a lot of factors, though for most sites targeting multiple relatively hard SERPs on one webpage tends to not work (just too much competition now), so don’t go the “target multiple relatively hard phrases” on one webpage route.

Is it a hard niche : Weddings is a hard niche, there’s money to be made, so lots of competitors.
Do webpages on the site already rank for hard phrase : if so means you can target harder SERPs.
Is it a new site : if it’s new you won’t rank for anything hard until you’ve built links.
Can you acquire lots of quality backlinks : not very good at link building, only target easy SERPs.

There’s so many SEO factors involved it’s impossible to give a one way fits all response.

SEO should be mostly about search engine traffic, you want to get maximum traffic for your SEO efforts. With this in mind keyword research is essential, since you aren’t a household brand it’s highly unlikely ranking for your name will generate much traffic. However, your name is also part of your brand and as a wedding photographer if a past client recommends you in passing it’s likely going to be by your name, not a phrase a Google searcher might use to find wedding photographers per se.

First step is check what Google shows for your name, Maxim Dupliy.

A simple Google search indicates there’s not a lot of competition (that’s good). Compare to my name David Law or David Cameron Law and both are relatively common (especially David Law). It wouldn’t make sense for me to spend a lot of effort targeting my name, no one is looking for an SEO called David Law.

If you can easily find multiple webpages (your website and social networks) at the top for your name, you’ve covered people recommending you as a wedding photographer by name. They’d search your name in Google and find their way to your business site.

I would strongly suggest linking your various social media profiles and website together. On Facebook for example under the About section add links to other social media profiles and websites you own. Make sure they are all linked in a way it doesn’t matter which one a person finds it’s easy to get to your business site.

The links from social media networks pass no SEO benefit, but you should link them together so it’s easy to get to your business site. From my Facebook About page it’s easy to get to my Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and various websites I own.

If you have plenty of social media coverage and a webpage on your business site ranks near the top for your name (About page for example) it could allow you to not brand the site with your name. Based on searching for your name and Wedding Photographer in Google, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. Search for this in Google:

"Maxim Dupliy" Wedding Photographer

Only 18 pages listed in Google: put a phrase between “speech marks” so Google looks for the exact match, gives an indication of how many webpages are specifically targeting a phrase rather than just using the words in any order.

I’ve wrote about title tags at WordPress Site Title Tag SEO (this covers the home page title tag) and WordPress Title Tag SEO, well worth a read.

The most likely webpage to rank high for hard SERPs is a home page. The home page tends to get most backlinks, so it tends to be the webpage to target the hardest SERP.

More words you add to a title tag, harder it will be to rank for any of them. I’m sure you’d love the Wedding Photographer SERP, so if this was the hardest SERP targeted, the home page title could be just “Wedding Photographer”.

However, realistically IF you ever rank top 5 for that SERP it’s going to take years to build up a link profile for that phrase: you will need a lot of backlinks with anchor text using the words wedding and photographer. It’s a relatively hard SERP, with this in mind target an easier SERP on the home page.

Do you work in a specific area? I assume you don’t cover the entire world, so niche what you cover. Do keyword research: Google’s free Keyword Planner that’s part of Google AdWords is your friend.

For example if I were a wedding photographer I might target my town “Wedding Photographer Skegness” (or “Skegness Wedding Photographer”) or the county “Wedding Photographer Lincolnshire” (or “Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer”) on the home page to make it easier to at least gain local business: didn’t check the Skegness or Lincolnshire Wedding Photographers SERPs difficultly, would assume relatively easy.

If I also wanted to include my name site wide to make it easy for word of mouth recommendations to find me I’d add my name to the end of the title.

Wedding Photographer Skegness - David Law

The site called The Knot is listed number one in Google for the Wedding Photographer SERP with title:

Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles, CA - The Knot

That’s standard title tag formatting for a website you want to brand, but you are putting the main phrase first.

Phrase - Brand Name

Don’t care about branding, drop the brand name and just use a phrase as the title tag.

I’m afraid you have to do this sort of keyword research for every webpage. Try to target a unique phrase on every webpage (unique title tags on every page).

BTW As long as you don’t add the WordPress tagline to any of the title tags automatically (generally not a good idea) use the WordPress tagline to pre-sell your service/business. Your suggested tagline “Wedding photographer, wedding albums, prof. video, good customer service etc. ?” is a keyword stuffed list.

If you are talking about what to add to your meta descriptions tag, see Meta Description Tag. The meta description tag should be like an advert for the webpage, make it compelling for Google searches click the link (like they would an ad).

David Law