Comment on Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Review by SEO Gold Services.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Many SEO Experts/SEO Consultants do still recommend using nofollow, but they are wrong. People get stuck in their ways and when something used to work they want it to always work, the really good SEO experts keep track of these sorts of things and change their SEO techniques over time to best practices and current best SEO practice is not using nofollow.

Also make sure what you are reading on nofollow is up to date, I’m sure I’ll have missed something in one or more of my older SEO articles recommending the use of nofollow (it used to work and was perfect for managing link benefit), on this site for example there’s going to be comments from me praising nofollow from a couple of years back. You might be reading articles from SEO’s who have since changed their advice, but not all their sources of information.

If you read around this you’ll know Google made the nofollow change without informing the webmaster community. Some SEO experts who do their own SEO tests suspected nofollow was deleting link benefit (have to admit I missed it, I trusted Google on nofollow as it was such a good idea) and it wasn’t until Matt Cutt’s confirmed the change in 2009 that I acted on it (so the information is only a year or so old). I’ll add it was a theme customer that pointed me to the Matt Cutt’s article (I don’t read his site regularly) that confirmed the nofollow change, until then I thought the SEO experts that had suspicions nofollow had changed was wrong (Google: do no evil and all that!).

Then there’s the so called SEO Experts who test nothing themselves and just regurgitate what they read on a few forums which are almost all filled with misinformation (nofollow case in point)!

I don’t recommend using the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin, it’s so easy to make a mistake as it’s got the nofollow/noindex options without describing the SEO damage they do (the plugin author must believe using nofollow/noindex is good SEO advice and doesn’t delete/waste link benefit!).

The only must have SEO features of the Yoast SEO plugin (there are other interesting plugin features, but not must have SEO features per se) is the ability to manipulate a pages title element (if you use my theme this is automated: you get the perfect SEO title elements, using an SEO plugin as well is overkill).

If I wasn’t using Stallion I wouldn’t use this SEO plugin just for the ability to manipulate title elements (it lacked SEO defaults when I tested it). The All In One SEO Pack plugin does the same thing and doesn’t include nofollow settings (still includes noindex, but that’s minor SEO damage compared to nofollow).

BTW it won’t be the Yoast plugin that caused a delay in Google picking up title element changes, you were ‘unlucky’ the Googlebot didn’t hit your site quickly that day/week. On my popular sites I’ve posted a new article, loaded it in FireFox, copied the title of the post and searched in Google and it’s already indexed: years ago we’d be bragging our pages were indexed in under 24 hours now it can be minutes :-)