WordPress Author Archive Link, NOT Linked

WordPress Author Archive Link, NOT Linked

The combination of the Stallion Responsive Theme Author Archives Link OFF – Show Author Name option and the Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin Block All Author Archives^^ option means, there’s no internal links to the author archives (due to the theme option) and if there are any Google indexed Author archives (there could be links from other sites) the majority of the SEO ranking and link benefit is redirected to the Home page (due to the plugin Not Index option).

Unfortunately few WordPress themes include advanced layout options (in Stallion Responsive almost everything can be enabled/disabled), so you might be stuck with the Author Archive links from the Posts meta areas. If you have the HTML/PHP skills you could build a WordPress child theme that doesn’t include the links or switch themes to one with layout options…

If you lack the ability to remove the author archive links and still block the author archives (using the Stallion SEO plugin) you still recover most of the link benefit: it’s almost all of it, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it (heck of a lot better than using the Yoast noindex robots meta tag option).

If like me you are an SEO perfectionist :-) there’s a possible work around.

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