WordPress Title Tag SEO

WordPress Title Tag SEO

I’ve changed the WordPress post title of the WordPress SEO Title Tag Tutorial article several times to improve the SEO of the title tag:

It started life as : “WordPress Title Element/Tag Optimization”
Also had the title : “WordPress Title Tag SEO 2014”
Current title : “WordPress SEO Title Tag Tutorial”

You can see the URL structure (the WordPress Slug) of this page is still: “wordpress-title-element-tag-optimization” (because the page was originally called “WordPress Title Element/Tag Optimization”, had I created this page today (as I edit this article) the slug would be “wordpress-seo-title-tag-tutorial” to match the new title “WordPress SEO Title Tag Tutorial”.

So it’s OK to rename an old post, page, category etc… WordPress doesn’t automatically change the URL/slug: generally speaking don’t change the slug, you’ll loose rankings.

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