Stallion Responsive Theme Best SEO Title Tags

Stallion Responsive Theme Best SEO Title Tags

This WordPress site uses the Stallion Responsive Theme which can output the multiple title tag formats for a brand site or a Best SEO Title Tag format for sites where branding isn’t very important.

Since “SEO Gold” (name of this site) isn’t a big brand name I opted for the Stallion best SEO title tag option to make the most out of WordPress title tags.

On this site my title tags are output as follows:

Stallion Theme Best SEO Title Tag Structure

Home Page Title : Blog Name
Static Pages Title : Title of Page
Single Posts Title : Title of Post
Categories Title : Category Name
Tags Title : Tag Name
Search Result Title Search Phrase
Monthly Archive Title Blog Name | Date Archives

Since the home page title tag is important there’s a Stallion Theme option to change it, for this site I’ve left it as the blog name “SEO Gold”.

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