WordPress SEO Tutorial Google SERP

WordPress SEO Tutorial Google SERP

I’ve been targeting this WordPress SEO Article at the WordPress SEO Tutorial SERP, but the WordPress SEO Tutorial category is my best Google result (around 13th in Google).

Rather than noindexing the category and loosing that SERP position I’ve optimized the category further for the SERP: Stallion Responsive (my SEO theme) has advanced SEO features for categories.

I’ll be very happy to see the WordPress SEO tutorials category on the first page of Google for that search result, had I used the Yoast SEO plugin or other SEO plugin feature to noindex categories I’d be loosing Google traffic!

WordPress categories are awesome SEO wise, don’t noindex them and certainly don’t nofollow them!!! Same is true for WordPress Tags if you tend to use tags rather than categories, I have loads of free Google traffic going to categories.

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