Comment on Lots of WordPress Categories and Tags is Anti-SEO by SEO Gold Coast Services.

You need to explain support issues in more detail than the above, needle in a haystack comes to mind. For example what where you doing when it broke, any new plugins, any error messages when logged into the Dashboard etc…

I took a look at your site and not sure what the issue is, only thing I noticed was your articles on the home page are all added to the Uncategorised category and the links are missing (the Uncategorised word should be linked).

Only time I’ve seen something like this (not seen that before, but seen similar) is when part of a database has crashed. Check your MySQL databases is running correctly, if not fix it.

You might find this SQL query helpful in repairing a table if one has crashed:

REPAIR TABLE `wp_posts`

You’d use this when logged into your control panel or similar where you can enter SQL queries (I have no idea how for your site). The above will repair the table wp_posts if that’s the table that’s crashed, if wp_term_taxonomy crashed repair it.

Also try disabling all plugins, see if it helps.

I’m reasonably confident this won’t be a Stallion issue. You can confirm this by activating the TwentyEleven theme and see if the issue remains, if it does it’s not Stallion.

Still working on the update, will be announced on the mailing list when complete.


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