Comment on WordPress Autoblog Plugins by Mark Biernat.

On-Page WordPress SEO Title Tag Tip As I am trying to make my poor performing sites perform better (Panda has been a bear for me).

I am drilling down and looking at some of your Stallion options I have ignored or forgotten about.

This the actual page title Vs the title tag. I believe the title should be as natural as possible without much care about keyword density (other than being somewhere in the title) and the title tag which is an option in Stallion, found below your all in one SEO pack SEO resource.

This title tag should be dense in keyword phases.

For example: Page title might be “How to write a page title that ranks vs Title tags for SEO”
While the title tag might be “Page title vs custom Title tag”

Is this correct?

Again I am seeing very strange pages ranking high post Panda-Penguin and somewhat thinking just writing naturally and long posts are the way to go (I mean really natural like a blog with an attitude) with little to no thought on keywords other than the ideas in your theme. Just very natural writing and little SEO.