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I’ve noticed an assumption in a lot of people when discussing WordPress SEO that because a plugin is called an SEO Plugin it must be good SEO wise or at least must do something SEO wise.

You just compared two pretty much useless (SEO wise) WordPress plugins the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin and the Platinum SEO Pack plugin and concluded the Yoast SEO plugin is better SEO wise because the sites running it are performing better. Most likely a coincidence or if you are anything like me you update your most important sites first and you add more links and put more effort into the content of those sites: if that’s the case they should rank better, right?

As you said there’s a lot more to SEO than onpage SEO factors, backlinks are far more important than anything you can do onsite. You can build the absolute perfect SEO site, but if it lacks aged backlinks that pass a reasonable amount of link juice you might as well not bother, without those aged links a sites going to struggle to do really well.

That being said, if you are working hard on the backlinks you don’t want to waste all that effort and not have content that Google can rank well, which is why it’s generally not a good idea to link to a blank page and hope it ranks for something :-)

As you are an autoblogger I don’t see anything useful in the two WordPress SEO plugins you’ve compared beyond the ability to change how a theme presents the title element and that can be achieved with far fewer server resources (server resources are damn important to autobloggers) just by making a simple change to the themes code.

Autobloggers don’t write custom title elements, they don’t write custom meta descriptions for the posts, so what exactly do these plugins do SEO wise that’s important and NOT SEO damaging (nofollow and noindex are SEO damaging)?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some useful features in the Yoast plugin, but most aren’t SEO features (they won’t increase search engine rankings). I use all sorts of plugins from poll plugins to Tweet plugins, but they have little to no SEO value. Recently released the Stallion WordPress SEO Theme which incorporates some features I liked in the Yoast SEO Plugin, but they aren’t SEO features per se, they are features useful to WordPress users (especially autobloggers, got thousands of autobloggers using Stallion so designed Stallion with them in mind).

Working on an update to Stallion that will automatically cloak WPRobot Autoblog Plugin affiliate links (that WPRobot affiliate link is cloaked), Amazon links etc… Already have it working in the current Stallion release for the Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin where it hides all affiliate links saving loads of link benefit that was deleted by nofollow links (WP Robot also uses a lot of nofollow links).

Problem with asking what’s the best WordPress SEO Plugins is it’s like asking what’s the best engine oil when discussing car performance. Like engine oil, plugins are important to WordPress SEO, but like with oil if that’s all you use to increase performance/SEO rankings, you are missing out on a lot of possible improvements.

WordPress is the best CMS out the box SEO wise I’ve tried, so even running with vanilla WordPress and the TwentyTen theme and no plugins etc… you are already ahead of the game compared to the vast majority of sites on the Internet. WordPress is not perfect, the two biggest SEO issues currently with default WordPress are nofollow links (this is by far the biggest SEO issue with WordPress, can waste half your SEO efforts) and archive pages showing full posts (potential duplicate content issues).

I don’t know of any WordPress plugins that can solve the nofollow issues, there’s two themes that fix the nofollow issues, Talian and Stallion with Stallion solving more nofollow issues (removes all nofollow links from WordPress).

The full posts on archive pages can be easily solved at theme level (using excerpt code) or with a Post Teaser Plugin.

Most other WordPress SEO issues are ‘created’ at theme theme level and by using plugins that cause SEO damage (lots of social network plugins for example are awful SEO wise). For example most WordPress themes have a title element with format “Name of Site : Post Name” which isn’t ideal (ideal is “Post Name”), most put the name of the site in the header area with a H1 heading which again isn’t ideal, the H1 heading should be used for the name of the post and a H1 heading should only be used on the home page for the name of the site. All solvable at theme level, but if you are using a theme that uses a H1 heading for the name of the site you are stuck with it, no plugin is going to remove that H1 heading.

These are the WordPress plugins I use on autoblogs.

Post Teaser WordPress SEO Plugin : significantly reduces the possibility of duplicate content issues on archive pages.

Contextual Related Posts SEO Version : if you find it’s generating a lot of database queries (can on large sites) use the Related Posts WordPress SEO Plugin instead.

©Feed Plugin : SEO Version : good if your auto blogged content is scrapped, gains free links.

WP-PageNavi WordPress Plugin : shows more archive links on the home page, helps with indexing large autoblogs (not essential though).

I also use an automatic re-poster plugin, but not released my version yet. When an autoblog has a fair amount of content I turn off adding new auto content and turn on the re-poster plugin. This randomly grabs a post and gives it the current date. This way a site with say 2,000 posts keeps refreshing the the archive pages (home page, categories, tags) without having to keep the autoblog plugin running. Means you can have more autoblogs on the same server without it eating into server resources. I’ve found there’s more value in having say five 2,000 page autoblogs than one 10,000 page autoblog as Google no longer indexes large sites unless they have a LOT of backlinks.


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