WPRobot Plugin SEO

WPRobot Plugin SEO

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WP Robot SEO Improvements

I included a WP Robot plugin addon to the Stallion Responsive Theme that helps hide some autoblog footprints.

Converts the nofollow links to cloaked javascript links and allows you to choose an alternative Amazon buy Now image, this hides obvious affiliate links and the Amazon buy now button footprint.

When installing WP Robot make sure you rename the WPRobot folder, by default it’s /wprobot3/, and is located at /wp-content/plugins/wprobot3/ this is an obvious autoblog footprint search engines can easily find.

Rename the folder from /wprobot3/ to something unique like /myplugin/ and the folder will be /wp-content/plugins/myplugin/ (no autoblog footprint).

Make sure you rename the folder BEFORE activating WP Robot and before creating any posts.

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