WP Robot Amazon Autoblog

WP Robot Amazon Autoblog

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The a screenshot shows a basic WP Robot campaign with only the Amazon module used. The above is just Amazon, you can mix the content from multiple WP Robot modules.

On the sites I’ve created so far I’ve setup six campaigns on each site with the main content being Amazon, Shareasale, Article, Press Release, YouTube, Yahoo Answers and Flickr and then a mixture of three of these WPRobot modules: Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo Answers, Flickr, iTunes, Clickbank, Linkshare and Commission Junction.

The WP Robot modules Amazon, YouTube and Flickr can grab the comments related to the content and post it as comments on your autoblog (awesome feature).

Each sites campaigns are pretty much the same setup, just with different keywords so different content is grabbed.

Those sites should need no major input from me other than adding links so they gain traffic through SEO means: I don’t plan to do much link building as expect the sites downgraded in Google long term (autoblogs tend to last a year).

I have the campaigns set to post roughly 6 posts a day, so a year from now each site will have over 1,000 posts each (I turn off new posts at that point).

I could have it running much faster (one post an hour for example), but I want sites that grow slowly so search engines index most posts.

You can buy WP Robot through my affiliate link, I also have a WP Robot discount code: Stallion that gives a 25% discount off the WP Robot Elite (add STALLION to the coupon form when you go to the checkout and pay under $100 not including tax).

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