WordPress Autoblog Plugin WP Robot 5 Review

25% WP Robot discount code: Stallion

The WP Robot plugin developer has changed the discount code to a flat rate 25% discount before tax. This is available via ALL WP Robot affiliates, so no point scouring coupon sites for better WP Robot plugin discount codes, 25% is the ONLY discount available.

WP Robot 5 25% Discount Code: STALLION

WP Robot 5 25% Discount Code: STALLION

The same STALLION WPRobot coupon code results in WP Robot Basic Version and the WP Robot Developer Version costing 25% less. Unless you plan to flip autoblogs (sell autoblogs running WP Robot) I recommend buying the WP Robot Full Version which with the 25% discount costs $96.75 before tax. I’m from the UK so if I bought WP Robot today I’d be paying UK VAT at 20%, the rate of tax you pay will be different, damn governments taxing us :-)

WP Robot 5 Review

WP Robot Review

WP Robot Review

One of my WordPress SEO Theme customers asked about WP Robot by email and at first I assumed it was another poorly thought out autoblog WordPress plugin, I’ve checked out a LOT of autoblog plugins over the years, most aren’t very good, but WP Robot looked interesting.

The plugin has a LOT of modules that cover different affiliate programs (I like the Amazon and Shareasale modules) and sources of content (some I’d not heard of before checking the plugin out) and I have to admit when you consider the cost of buying content online (even at 1 cent a word for really low quality content from foreign writers from places like Digital Point Forum) it’s a real bargain at under $120 for the full WP Robot Elite plugin package: includes all 20+ modules that individually sell for $250: use the WP Robot coupon (Stallion) for the discount!

You couldn’t buy the content to create a 50 article site for that small amount of money and with WPRobot a site with 50 articles with respun content can be generated in minutes.

You can buy WP Robot through my affiliate link, I also have a WP Robot discount code: Stallion that gives a 25% discount off the WP Robot Elite (add STALLION to the coupon form when you go to the checkout and pay under $100 not including tax).

Making Money With Autoblogs

WP Robot Review

In the past I’ve made a lot of sales from Amazon stores (AKA Amazon thin affiliate sites) so the WP Robot plugins Amazon module is VERY interesting.

Sold over $400,000 worth of Amazon stock and though today it’s not as easy to make money from organic search engine traffic and thin affiliate sites (Google hates them) it was worth looking into WP Robot especially if the WordPress plugin was well thought out as it might link in with what I was talking about in my article Making Money Online with Thin Affiliate Sites.

Amazon Thin Affiliate Store Sales

Amazon Thin Affiliate Store Sales

Found a free/nulled version of the WP Robot download that had been nullified (in the paid version you have to input your PayPal email address to install it, in the WP Robot nulled version no email PayPal address needed) so I could test the WordPress autoblog plugin out without paying for it :-)

Be careful with nulled WordPress plugins like WP Robot, it’s easy for a hacker to add malicious code.

Installed WP Robot on my work PC (offline) with no major problems and after not getting it working correctly because I never read instructions unless I absolutely have to, I eventually added some basic affiliate details (Amazon ID, Amazon API key and secret question) I got it working and was immediately impressed.

I used to use an SEO customized Amazon PHP script to create thin Amazon affiliate stores and what WPRobot created in combination with WordPress and my WordPress SEO theme (Stallion Responsive) was FAR better: I’d have made a killing with this 5 years ago before Google cracked down on thin affiliate sites:-(.

I was very impressed so purchased the full Elite version of WP Robot which comes with all the modules.

I’ve still not fully tested WPRobot, mainly because there’s so many modules (it’s amazing how much you get) and eBay and Shopzilla declined my first affiliate program application (didn’t bother reapplying, plenty of modules still to work with) plus some of the modules I’d never use!

WP Robot 5 Autoblog Plugin Modules

WP Robot 5 Autoblog Plugin Modules

WP Robot 5 Autoblog Plugin Modules

Amazon WP Robot Module : Very, very good in own right + very good for adding extra affiliate content to other modules. In the WPRobot autoblogs I’ve created since buying this plugin, most are Amazon based.

Article WP Robot Module : Very good in own right.

eBay WP Robot Module : Not tried fully as eBay refused my affiliate application!!! Could be useful for adding extra affiliate content to other modules.

Clickbank WP Robot Module : Good for adding extra affiliate content to other modules.

Yahoo Answers WP Robot Module : Very good in own right.

YouTube WP Robot Module : Very, very good in own right + good for adding extra video content to other modules.

Translation WP Robot Module : Not tried yet, but looks awesome as could convert thin affiliate content to almost unique content making it harder for search engines to downgrade your autoblog.

Flickr Image WP Robot Module : Very good in own right + good for adding extra image content to other modules.

Yahoo News WP Robot Module : Good for adding extra content to other modules.

RSS WP Robot Module : Not tried yet, but looks very good, though I don’t like stealing other peoples content, so probably won’t use this much.

Commission Junction WP Robot Module : Good for adding extra affiliate content to other modules.

Oodle WP Robot Module : OK, but not a module I’ll use as getting an affiliate account is hard (so far not used it on a live site).

Shopzilla WP Robot Module : Not Tried as Shopzilla refused my affiliate application!!! I do want to try this module as looks interesting.

Press Release WP Robot Module : Very good in own right.

Twitter WP Robot Module : OK for adding content to other modules, but Twitter is so abused and at 280 character, not useful to me (so far not used it on a live site).

Linkshare WP Robot Module : Good for adding extra affiliate content to other modules.

Eventful WP Robot Module : OK in own right, but there’s no affiliate program and unless you have an events site I can’t see where I’d use this to add content to other modules.

iTunes WP Robot Module : Good for adding extra content to other modules, especially for the YouTube module. Unfortunately not linked to an affiliate program which is a real shame.

ShareAsale WP Robot Module : This is awesome, I’ve been using another WordPress import plugin for importing ShareAsale datafeeds into WordPress, now I can create this type of affiliate site using WPRobot with the addition of other modules to make the content more unique!!!

Yelp WP Robot Module : Not tested.

Avantlink WP Robot Module : Not tested.

PLR WP Robot Module : Not tested.

Article Builder WP Robot Module : Not tested.

Big Content Search WP Robot Module : Not tested.

Vimeo WP Robot Module for posting high quality videos : Not tested.

PhotoBucket WP Robot Module for photos and images : Not tested.

Bing News WP Robot Module for posting current news : Not tested.

Tradedoubler WP Robot Module for affiliate products : Not tested.

Etsy WP Robot Module for posting handmade products : Not tested.

Indeed WP Robot Module for job listings : Not tested.

Zanox WP Robot Module another popular affiliate network : Not tested.

Expedia WP Robot Module for posting hotel listings : Not tested.

Prosperent WP Robot Module for affiliate marketing deals : Not tested.

As you can see above I’m far from fully tested WPRobot 5 features, there’s just so much to work with and when you get to a stage where something works there’s not much to gain adding more! So far I’ve created autoblogs on domains I’ve had a while and not got around to using. I’ve created these autoblogs with a combination of these modules:

Amazon, Shareasale, Article, Press Release, YouTube, Yahoo Answers and Flickr as main content and Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo Answers, Flickr, iTunes, Clickbank, Linkshare and Commission Junction as extra content. I’ve used a format like this:

Main Module + three other modules for extra content.

For example: Amazon main content (which usually comes with comments, yes WP Robot creates comments**!), YouTube Video, Yahoo answers and Linkshare.

** The WP Robot modules Amazon, YouTube and Flickr can grab the comments related to the content and post it as comments on your autoblog (awesome feature).

On the sites I’ve created so far I’ve setup six campaigns on each site with the main content being Amazon, Shareasale, Article, Press Release, YouTube, Yahoo Answers and Flickr and then a mixture of three of these WP Robot modules: Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo Answers, Flickr, iTunes, Clickbank, Linkshare and Commission Junction. Each sites campaigns are pretty much the same setup, just with different keywords so different content is grabbed. Those sites should need no major input from me other than adding links so they gain traffic through SEO means: I don’t plan to do much link building as expect the sites downgraded in Google long term (autoblogs tend to last a year).

I have the campaigns set to post roughly 6 posts a day, so a year from now each site will have over 1,000 posts each (I turn off new posts at that point). I could have it running much faster (one post an hour for example), but I want sites that grow slowly so search engines index most posts.

WP Robot Amazon Autoblog

WP Robot Amazon Autoblog

The a screenshot shows a basic WP Robot campaign with only the Amazon module used. The above is just Amazon, you can mix the content from multiple modules.

WP Robot SEO Improvements

I’ve included a WPRobot plugin addon to the Stallion Responsive Theme that helps hide some autoblog footprints. Converts the nofollow links to cloaked javascript links and allows you to choose an alternative Amazon buy Now image, this hides obvious affiliate links and the Amazon buy now button footprint.

WPRobot Plugin SEO

WPRobot Plugin SEO

When installing WP Robot make sure you rename the WPRobot folder, by default it’s /wprobot3/, and is located at /wp-content/plugins/wprobot3/ this is an obvious autoblog footprint search engines can easily find. Rename the folder from /wprobot3/ to something unique like /myplugin/ and the folder will be /wp-content/plugins/myplugin/ (no autoblog footprint). Make sure you rename the folder BEFORE activating WPRobot and before creating any posts.

WordPress Autoblogging Penalty

WordPress Autoblogging Penalty

When you look at the average Amazon affiliate page created by any Amazon affiliate script they’ll tend to have the Amazon thumbnail image linked to the Amazon affiliate sales page, the buy link/image linked to the Amazon sales page and possibly related products linked directly to their Amazon sales pages! You might have half a dozen plus Amazon affiliate links from every page, which from a sales perspective makes sense (more ways to get your visitor to Amazon where you make money). However, from an SEO perspective all those affiliate links either leak or destroy PR/link benefit (if you use nofollow links it destroys the PR/link benefit!). Since by default WP Robot nofollows affiliate links it’s a lot of deleted link benefit, plus a site filled with thousands of nofollow links and no dofollow links could be an affiliate site footprint.

The perfect SEO solution is ZERO affiliate links from a page, but we need at least one to make an affiliate sale, so I aim for one affiliate link per page unless I’ve hidden the links with javascript or similar techniques (some would consider this black hat SEO). There is a built in affiliate link cloaker with WP Robot, but unfortunately using a 301 redirect to an affiliate link doesn’t hide it from search engines (they still know it’s going to Amazon etc…). I’ve added a comment below on how to remove the rel=”nofollow” attributes for non Stallion Responsive Theme users, Stallion Responsive converts nofollow links to javascript links so no need to fix the WP Robot plugin code.

Based on my experience with thin affiliate sites it shouldn’t be too hard to create 50 autoblogs that make at least $50 a year each. That might not sound a lot (I’m being deliberately conservative), but do the maths.

50 sites cost about $500 a year in domain registration fees (can be much lower depending on the domain tld).
Dedicated server $1,000 a year (can get much cheaper options).
My Stallion Responsive Theme (best SEO/AdSense WordPress theme online today) $500 :-)

Total cost = ~$2,000 per year.

If you can get a site to generate $50 a year, that’s $2,500 a year or ~$500 a year profit.

This is what I’d call break even point, basically each site has to make on average $0.15 a day. If a site you’ve made with hundreds of pages with AdSense, Amazon, Linkshare, Commission Junction, Clickbank and other affiliate links from them can’t make on average 15 cents a day ($50 a year, one Clickbank affiliate sale can sometimes cover that) you shouldn’t be trying to make money online, in fact you shouldn’t even own a computer :-)

Buy WP Robot 5 through my affiliate link

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