Very Slow Twitter Follower Growth

Very Slow Twitter Follower Growth

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The Languagenut Twitter account @languagenut has roughly the same number of followers (7,000 to 8,000) as they did just under a year ago. In March 2017 the account had 7,100 followers, in October 2017 it was 7,500 follower and currently (January 2018) they have just under 7,700 followers.

In 10 months the Languagenut Twitter account has only increased by ~550 followers, roughly 55 new followers a month or 2 new followers a day: that’s really, really poor Twitter growth management. Clearly they aren’t actively trying to encourage Twitter follower growth.

To put things into perspective I created a new language relevant Twitter account @WoWLanguages (planned to use it to promote Languagenut content if I worked with them) on August 12th 2017 (5 months ago), the account currently has over 8,500 followers: that’s roughly 1,700 new followers a month or 50-60 new followers a day. I’ll keep growing the account and use it to promote any SEO clients in a relevant niche.

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