Middlesbrough B2B Data Review

Middlesbrough B2B Data Review

Interestingly if you checked the domain b2b-data.co.uk in 2017 (the domain is dead in 2020) it appeared to be owned by the same people who owned Web Consultancy Group Ltd in 2017.

The B2B Data domain was used to send some of the unsolicited SPAM email and to unsubscribe users from the unsolicited SPAM emails sent by Web Consultancy Group.

The copyright notice included this text: Web Consultancy Group trading as b2b-data.co.uk.

This website sold a database of over a million email addresses, so not only was it used to send out unsolicited SPAM emails for Web Consultancy Group, it also sold a database of a million email addresses so others could send unsolicited SPAM emails to others.

If you bought a copy of the SPAM email a database and are considering using B2B Data to SPAM potential leads, consider my email address was on the list in 2017 and if an email catches my attention I might review it and the business who sent it (I do NOT appreciate being SPAMMED).

Also note the quality of the email addresses, the email address Web Consultancy Group were sending SPAM emails to was to a domain that did NOT have a website, the site had been ‘dead’ for over 5 years and had only one active service: the active service was one email address, that’s the email address Web Consultancy Group sent multiple unsolicited SPAM emails to!

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