Example Unsolicited Bulk Email SPAM

Example Unsolicited Bulk Email SPAM

This is a good example of an Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE), AKA a Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or for short a SPAM email. Screenshot taken 23rd February 2020.

It’s clearly unsolicited, the contents are a generic marketing email and there’s very strong evidence it’s a bulk email (sent to multiple recipients).

This email was unsolicited: DLH Web Consultancy Ltd didn’t have my permission to send this email or had a past business relationship with the recipient (me).

It’s a generic marketing email: there’s nothing specific within the email about the recipient (me), this SPAM email could be relevant to a million businesses.

It’s a bulk email: used the “precedence: bulk header”.

The hardest part to prove with SPAM email is it was sent in bulk, unless the SPAMMER has been complacent by including the precedence bulk header or is sending SPAM via CC (you can literally see the other recipient email addresses), you have to look for bulk footprints.

Other indications it’s bulk include the option to “Unsubscribe me from the mailing list” link when you aren’t on their mailing list. If this was a single one off first contact email where the sender had researched your business/website or something, why would the recipients email address (my email address) be on a mailing list?

If I sent you a first contact unsolicited email because I’d researched your website and found it needed my amazing SEO help, I wouldn’t then add your email address to a mailing list without your permission!

Everything about this email sent by DLH Web Consultancy Ltd/Elizabeth Mulligan screams SPAM.

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