Twoo Import Email Contacts SPAM

Twoo Import Email Contacts SPAM

What appears to have happened is Twoo scraped my Gmail email address and name from one of my email contacts address book. They have signed me up for a dating site without my permission!

From Twoo Privacy page:

Importing your contacts

In some countries Twoo offers members an easy import tool to invite your mail contacts to register on Twoo. If you decide to import your contacts, you confirm that they have given you their consent to do so and you accept that an automatic e-mail invitation and reminder will be sent on your behalf to the contacts you have selected. Twoo stores the contact details of your friends only for the purpose of automatically connecting them with you after their registration.

Twoo does not sell e-mail addresses or use them to send any other communication besides invitations. Your contacts can click the unsubscribe link in the invitation mails to prevent receiving further invitations from Twoo.

The Twoo dating service are signing people up to their website/service without their permission and sending a plethora of unsolicited email SPAM, this is an unethical business practice!

Hmm, what a load of BS.

As if a user is going to check with all their email contacts and gain consent!

For the record none of my email contacts have acquired my permission to be contacted by Twoo.

I think sending me a Twoo SmartMatch with 26 year old Sergey from London is way beyond an email invitation to join the dating site. Twoo registered my email address with their service, (if I wasn’t registered the Password Reminder wouldn’t have worked) and are sending me their SmartMatches.

Twoo are a bunch of scumbag SPAMMERS.

It’s bad enough that Twoo scrape data this way, but to automatically sign people up to their dating service is an unacceptable business practice.

Time to look into what sort of complaint I can make about Twoo’s business practices in the UK.

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