I control multiple Twitter accounts, below are SEO relevant accounts following my SEO relevant accounts. At the top of the list are my SEO relevant Twitter accounts (6 accounts).

SEO Twitter Users Who FollowBack

SEO Twitter Users Who FollowBack

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My Twitter follow policy is I follow MOST accounts back: I tend NOT to follow non-English accounts, users which lack a profile image or a biography. I avoid following porn/adult accounts and users who excessively auto-tweet. I make exceptions, but if you want me to followback take the above into account.

Clicking a Follow button opens the account in a Popup window.

My SEO Relevant Twitter Accounts

The Twitter users below are users who have been following one or more of the SEO relevant accounts above for more than a month and are also SEO relevant. I’m working on the assumption if they have followed my account for months they are unlikely to stop following, but I obviously can’t guarantee they’ll follow your account back.

The list below is SEO relevant, meaning they use SEO in the Twitter name and/or biography. I’ve listed accounts with an acceptable following/follow ratio.

So far the list includes 500 Twitter Accounts (more to follow). If you want on the list, follow the @DavidLaw account (follow button above), make sure the word SEO is either in your Twitter name or in your biography, I’m using Twitonomy to find the accounts by manually scrolling through my followers who use the word SEO and then copying and pasting their @username below (took about 4 hours to create the initial list of 500 accounts).

If you are on this list and want removing leave a comment below.

SEO Relevant Twitter Accounts Who Have Followed My Accounts for Months

SEO Twitter Accounts 1-50

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