In 2016 my wife (artist/illustrator) and I decided to switch careers from SEO/digital marketing based (I’d worked in SEO marketing for 15+ years) to creating children’s picture books under the pen name M.D. Law.

That Greedy Goat Just Cannot Stay Rough Illustration 2

That Greedy Goat Just Cannot Stay Rough Illustration 2 -by Marie Law-

We’ve created around ten complete picture book manuscripts, some mock up picture book illustrations and set out to find a literary agent.

I switched my social media accounts (Facebook/Twitter @DavidLaw) to promote the new career path (lost a LOT of Twitter followers**) and set about building an author platform. In hindsight this was a social media marketing mistake, should have built a new Twitter account.

Finding A Literary Agent: The Balance Between Author/Agent/Publisher is Seriously Messed Up

Finding A Literary Agent: The Balance Between Author/Agent/Publisher is Seriously Messed Up

Building a social media author platform was easy, finding a literary agent, not so much!

To cut a short story even shorter, finding a needle in a haystack in a field of haystacks, with your hands tied behind your back would be significantly easier than finding a literary agent: the balance between author/agent/publisher is seriously messed up.

Sooooo, that didn’t go to plan :-( Time to move on, we plan to publish via Kickstarter sometime in the future (no rush).

** In hindsight I should have registered new social media accounts for the author platform and kept my old accounts focused on SEO marketing. Even though we’ve given up on finding a literary agent and selling picture books I still started another Twitter account for picture books just in case:

Now that I’m over my mid-life crisis :-) time to move back into SEO marketing : it’s a lot of fun writing picture books, but I have to admit, I’ve missed the challenge of trying to increase Google traffic etc… to business sites, so back to what I know and do best, SEO services.

Twitter Analytic Statistics

Couple of weeks ago I began switching my social media accounts back to SEO marketing and it’s resulted in a nice jump in Twitter engagement etc… time for Twitter analytics statistics… for My Personal Twitter Account:

Note: at the time of the screenshot the Twitter account had around 7,000 followers.

Update April 2020: It’s been a few years since I wrote this Twitter analytics article and I’ve grown my personal Twitter account to close to 40,000 followers.

All Twitter metrics are on the up.

Twitter Analytics Tweet Activity Statistics

Twitter Analytics Tweet Activity Statistics

Prior to switching back to SEO marketing my Tweet impressions were at a very low point of below 1,000 impressions a day. Two weeks after going back to SEO and posting promotional type Tweets it’s hitting 8,000 impressions a day.

Still a lot of work to do, but it’s definitely moving in the right direction.

Twitter Analytics Update

It’s over a year since I published this article and the Twitter analytics stats are better now, almost at 100,000 Twitter impressions a month.

One Hundred Thousand Twitter Impressions

One Hundred Thousand Twitter Impressions

Although I’ve worked on Twitter followers for this account I’ve not spent much time building impressions/engagement. I’ve been a bit busy with other Twitter accounts like one on Brexit which is heading towards one million Twitter impressions a month.

One Million Twitter Impressions

One Million Twitter Impressions

It’s not my only Twitter account in the high hundreds of thousands of Twitter impressions.

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