SEO Gold Title Tag

SEO Gold Title Tag

If you view the HTML source of this sites home page on a Desktop computer (with Google Chrome/Firefox, “Right Click” anywhere on the webpage avoiding images and select “View Page Source” and the HTML source code loads in a new browser tab) and quite close to the top you will find this title tag HTML code:

<title>SEO Gold</title>

You can see in the screenshot above the homepage title tag is simply SEO Gold.

It’s a little difficult to ‘read’ the HTML code for this site because for SEO reasons I minify the HTML code (via a WordPress SEO plugin): minifying the HTML source code means removing the extra spaces (white space), tabs, HTML comments and carriage returns so the HTML code is all on one line taking up as little space as possible (means the HTML file is smaller and loads a little faster, but the code is harder to read).

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