Comment on Title Tag SEO Tutorial by Title optimization.

Title Tags Hello, this article was very good and outlined points I agree with.

A problem people find is writing good and optimized title and meta description. IMHO you should start planning your title and meta description before even writing your article.

That way you can find good keywords and search phrases to put in the title, description, h1, first paragraph (as well as other places on the page).

When it comes to finding those keywords and search phrases I’ve made an online SEO tool for just that. It can be used by everyone (my nick is the link to it).

The tool is pretty easy to use. Write what you want to rank for, which country you want to rank in, get the keywords and search phrases and start making your optimized title as well as description. Also be sure to remember variations of search phrases and keywords suggested, as those should also go in other elements (like I said earlier) on your page.

Please don’t consider this comment spam. My SEO tool is actually very useful, and I’d love any feedback on it. (My email is valid).

The optimization tool is still in beta though, so there will be even more features to it as time goes by :)