Google Site Search for a Site with Minimal WordPress Archives

Google Site Search for a Site with Minimal WordPress Archives

Whether to use a WordPress Home Page Archive is up to you, you don’t NEED one from an SEO perspective. On this website I’ve set a Static Front Page and NOT set a “Post Page:” alternative Home Page Archive Static Page.

On this site my archives are minimalist (I use the Less is More approach to archives), my SEO strategy revolves around well thought out Categories and some silo SEO widgets (silo SEO widgets are part of the Stallion Responsive theme).

Most WordPress Posts are added to just two categories (I rarely add a Post to more than two categories), I haven’t used any dated archives (no monthly or calendar widgets, they are awful SEO wise) or Tags (identical output as categories other than they tend to be one keyword, so waste of link benefit linking to single keyword tags). I also try to manually link relevant webpages together, but I’m lazy, would rather automate it with the silo SEO widgets and other Stallion Responsive SEO features.

This works well for a 300 Posts/Static Pages WordPress site with 25 Categories. This is a well commented WordPress blog, with over 4,000 user comments. Stallion Responsive includes a feature (Stallion SEO Super Comments) to allow comments to be linked to and indexed like WordPress Posts. Because there’s ~300 Posts/Pages, 25 Categories and thousands of comments that can be indexed, Google was indexed over 3,800 webpages (checked October 2016). Check for yourself with this Google site: search:


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