Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin by Mark.

Install Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin If you go to a ‘search engine spider’ view and look at Stallion SEO posts, you will notice that the Stallion SEO post will use a ‘alt tag’ that is the name of the post title unless set to something else (who has all the time in the world to reset everything :)).

My question is will this double repeating of keywords be a negative? Would it be better to have either a ‘link title’ or a ‘alt tag’ but not both next to each other?

Too bad there is no way to have a synonym database that would mix keywords up so it they are not over used.

Also I have just deployed two SEO Stallion posts widgets on my main blog with like 10 posts on each. I hope it does not dilute the landing page post focus with too many sidebar items, I like widgets as it gives people more chances to click and stay on site.

Widgets everywhere with images, in some ways it is more chaotic but I have a feeling a little chaos is good as people click visually around as long as they ultimately get what they want.

I believe website ‘stickiness’ is the ultimate SEO factor.

I had a zero widget site and it did not do well.

About the tutorials you can not do everything all the time, hats off to you. I wish the onsite search box would function more intelligently as many of the questions have been asked before.