Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin by sharon.

I have a site regarding spiritual development and that is a territory that is more vested in sharing TRUTHful info and honest relating than in making a buck. A need to make money to pay bill? Sure, that is reality.

But it is not my intention. I just added the all in one seo pack and it is not saving my input per page which made me seek some help… and a loooong story. I find myself about to do the “yoast” thing and find myself HERE> (recently moved from .net and lots of weird stuff keeps creeping around and surfacing??)

I must admit, you write in a manner that appeals to me.. I sense sincerity, but I don’t know enough to sort the tares from the wheat because my ability to know each from one another is sorely lacking. I know that lack about my knowledge. This is a vulnerability.

I want to do right by all this seo because I know many are seeking the bottom line clarity I possess in the spiritual area. I fail SEO, I fail people. so, my question is this. I need to like the site I work On. I sense the site has a warm welcome feeling and I desired strongly for that to be there, so a beautiful SEO template as yours is spartan for my current purposes…
This is not a criticism, it is insight into why I use the current template I’m using. Would your plug in be enough or do I need more.. I really have a category and tag issue I realize from your info. Now, what? I need for people to be able to load up pages tag/or category specific to their spiritual angst and such…SO, how do I meet their need and the seo wisdom… I’m quite perplexed. Can you enlighten me, my dear SEO speaking emissary?

ALl to Love, Sharon

I apologize for the poor layout of this, i’m being pressed to start a class and, yet, my need to start the ball rolling on this issue is priority. Thank You, I appreciate your candor and sincerity.