Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin by SEO Gold Services.

Install Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin The Title Element/title Tag of a page is very important SEO wise and the Stallion SEO theme has the best built in title elements, so if you are one of my theme customers you don’t need a plugin for setting title elements.

WordPress SEO Plugins like the All In One SEO Plugin got big because the vast majority of WordPress themes had the title element with this format:

Name of Site : Title of Post

This is not the best title element setup, the best (for most sites) is

Title of Post

Even today very few WordPress themes use this structure (really easy to add to a theme as well).

Most WordPress SEO plugins that override this format suggest this format is good SEO wise:

Title of Post : Name of Site

Which SEO wise is not much difference to the average WordPress theme setup.

You can set your titles to the best SEO format with most of the plugins that allow you to manipulate the titles

Title of Post

including the All In One SEO plugin, so if you aren’t using the Stallion SEO theme and don’t understand how to change the header.php file you can improve the title elements of your posts etc… You don’t need this feature if you use the Stallion SEO theme (any of my WordPress themes : been using the best title element setup for 5+ years).

You can also override your articles titles using the All In One SEO plugin, but if you name your posts with SEO in mind I don’t see why you’d need a second area for adding a title element? This post for example is about the “Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin” so I named the post “Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin” which is used as the title element since I use the Stallion SEO theme which has the best title element setup. If I used another WordPress theme it might be “Stallion WordPress SEO Theme : Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin” which isn’t ideal.

So the ability to manipulate the title element is important, but can be easily achieved at theme level.

Plugins that offer meta keywords tags is a waste of time, it’s been years since Google gave any SEO benefit to the keywords within the meta keywords tag which is why I don’t use it on my sites. It’s built into the Stallion SEO theme because users expect it, but it’s a waste of time and bandwidth.

The meta description tag does have some value, but not ranking value. Whatever you put in the meta description tag is ignored for ranking purposes by Google. If the descriptions read like an ad and Google uses it for it’s search results it could increase your click through rate from Google. What this means is if you are ranked number 3 today and add an awesome description it will still be 3 after Google indexed the change, but if Google uses it and visitors to Google are scanning through the top 3 results and not necessarily clicking the first result as a matter of course it might increase the number of clicks you get (it might increase traffic a little bit).

The Stallion SEO Theme uses the excerpt from a post for the meta description, you can set a custom excerpt when you create or edit a post, if you don’t set one Stallion will use the first few lines of the post. This is basically the same as you get with the SEO plugins.

If you use another theme it probably won’t include built in custom description meta tags, there is no harm in using the All In One SEO Plugin to set your meta description tags or harm by setting your title elements either (as long as you name them with SEO in mind). What you should avoid is using these SEO plugins for noindexing parts of a site and nofollowing links, those features are SEO damaging.

I have a list of other SEO plugins at WordPress SEO Plugins, some have obvious SEO benefits, others just useful.