Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin by SEO Gold Services.

Install Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin Block means do the equivalent of noindex a page (not-index) whilst redirecting the link benefit to the home page or 1st page of paged categories/tags etc… by using a canonical URL instead of a noindex robots meta tag.

I think I’m the first person to use canonical URLs this way by design, so there’s no ‘official’ term for what this is called.

Maybe a canonical 301 redirect.

If you aren’t familiar with the noindex robots meta tag (which is what all the other WordPress SEO plugins use to noindex a page) it works as follows.

A page with a noindex robots meta tag will be spidered by Google, but won’t be indexed. This means the Google search engine spider (Googlebot) and other major search engine spiders follows links from a noindex page (as long as the robots meta tag doesn’t include nofollow as well), but when it comes to Google searches it won’t be found for any search results that that page may have gained (to the search engines the page doesn’t exist).

This means the link benefit that would be used to gain rankings on a noindex page is wasted.

With the Stallion WordPress SEO plugin a canonical URL is used instead of a noindex robots meta tag which stops the page from being indexed (like noindex) but recycles the link benefit back to home etc…

If you have a WordPress blog with say 1,000 pages and use the monthly archives widget with 12 months shown, you are wasting 12 links from every page of your site, that’s 12,000 wasted links!!! By using the Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin and ticking the “Block All Date Archives” radio box you’ll recycle the wasted link benefit (PageRank) from those 12,000 links (it will be 301 redirected back to the home page). That’s a lot of recycled link benefit.

It’s even worse for those who use the Calendar widget, that widget generates a daily archive, if you have a site that you post one post per day for 3 months (90 posts) you generate 90 archive pages with only one post per page! On every page you’ll have approximately 30 links to these daily archives and they have no SEO value. Just a 90 post site could easily have 2,700 wasted links!

It’s all recoverable using the Stallion SEO Plugin.