Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin by SEO Gold Services.

Install Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin Actually I said

“A combination of the Stallion SEO theme and the Stallion SEO plugin covers almost all aspects of on-site SEO: running out of true SEO features to add :-)”

Note the words on-site and true. I want to add more off-site features (backlinks, social media) and on-site more features that aren’t really true SEO features (a Facebook like button won’t increase Google rankings for example, but it’s useful to gain more traffic). I’m always looking for more ways to improve SEO safely though.

With a CMS like WordPress it’s harder to get perfect SEO on a single WordPress page than creating a standalone HTML page. For example the perfect SEO page would only link to pages with relevance to that pages content using relevant keyword rich anchor text, easy to achieve (though very time consuming) with a standalone HTML page, much harder with a post within WordPress because you have the automated menu links etc… that won’t always have ONLY relevant links.

However what you gain from creating standalone HTML pages is far outweighed by the advantages of using a CMS like WordPress, automation of menu links, linking related posts together etc… it’s not perfect SEO, but from a WordPress perspective it’s as close to perfect as you can get in a reasonable amount of time from something that’s very automated: if you’ve been making sites by hand in the past you know what a pain it is to make sure everything links together when you add new pages to a site.

What I’ve set out to achieve with Stallion is to make it very easy for anyone to create search engine optimized site even if they don’t really know what SEO is, but do understand what a keyword is: all a person has to do is write keyword rich content and Stallion does the rest on-site.

This alone won’t get a site ranked high because all sites need a reasonable amount of aged backlinks to rank well long term, if a website owner uses Stallion theme + Stallion plugin, writes keyword rich content and can build incoming links, long term they should gain decent search engine traffic.

Stallion theme/plugin takes most of the guess work out of search engine optimization and removes most of the SEO mistakes built into WordPress (and some SEO mistakes added bu some plugin authors!), but there’s more to a website than just SEO and that’s where I’m trying to head in the future (cover non-SEO stuff).