Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin by SEO Gold Services.

Install Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin The Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin works because Google and other major search engines treat canonical URLs like permanent 301 redirects without the browser redirect.

Anyone into search engine optimization knows when you move a site to a new domain or move a page you add a 301 permanent redirect to pass the link benefit and rankings to the new domain/page.

301 redirects not only redirect the link benefit and search engine rankings they also redirect visitors to the new domain/page.

Canonical URLs act in the same way as 301 redirects but do not redirect the visitor in the browser window which means we can use them to recover link benefit from pages like monthly archives while still allowing our visitors to browse those pages. Google even recommends if you don’t have access to your sites server in a way you can add 301 redirects, use canonical URLs it will be treated as a 301 redirect in relation to link benefit (PageRank) and search engine rankings.

WordPress already uses canonical URLs to redirect the link benefit and search engine rankings from the dynamic post URLs to the search engine friendly permalinks. WordPress also uses canonical URLs on paged comments. If you have the setting “Settings >> Discussions : Break comments into pages” ticked and you have pages with enough comments to generate multiple pages of comments, pages 2, 3, 4 etc… have canonical URLs to the main post/page.

I’ve extended this concept to sections of a WordPress blog users might not want indexing. I was very surprised no one had thought of doing this before, all other WordPress SEO Plugins use a combination of nofollow and noindex which is SEO damaging!

I’ve added a screenshot to the main post above of the Stallion WordPress SEO Plugins Settings page.