Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin by Mark.

Install Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin You made the comment that you have done everything possible to SEO on site factors. I have lived and breathed WP SEO for years now and have made my living with my online empire. I do not know if you have done everything as we never know what we are not aware of and what is behind the wall ( so to speak).

However, reviewing plugins and themes you are on the cutting edge and the best by eons. I have one sites where I do some reviews of WP things and if I ever get a chance I can review this plugin. I will send you a link when or if I get around to doing this.

So I think you with the current understanding of search engines, have done what needs to be done with the small improvements here and there as they change.

Interesting to note the Matt Cutts has said that in the future the Google formula could be open source. But not now as it can still be gamed. Your theme does not game the system but rather trims the fat from useless parts of the a web structure. I think website structure and navigation is key of a lot of SEO.

Now all that flattery aside I think there are always ways to improve things with your theme so I hope you keep researching and testing your theme and plugin to push the frontier of the unknown back.

I have often said the only reason I do not have a few million in the bank is ignorance. If I had perfect information the money would flow in faster. So the question is with your theme, what is it that you do not know? What is behind the wall? I think maybe now that many on site factors have been perfected, develop, promotional, navigation, design or something out of the box in terms of thinking that would be a real breakthrough with web SEO/SEM, who knows what could be developed further.

As mentioned before, my SEO friend and I brainstorm, as we are looking to increase promotional aspects, what the next big thing or wave is, improvements in CTR even further legally and subtle design things that might increase time on site etc. Anyway, off the subject of your plugin.

P.S. I meant to write this in the above comment but I was distracted by my daughter the 2 year old alpha child jumping on the sofa.