Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin by SEO Gold Services.

Install Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin The Stallion SEO Theme covers the ‘blocking’ of WordPress login pages by not linking to them in the first place with normal text links (Stallion theme uses form buttons to ‘hide’ the links protecting link benefit), so with the Stallion theme you don’t waste link benefit linking to login pages.

Other than that all the other SEO features of the Stallion plugin are new and add to the SEO of the Stallion theme. If you use any other WordPress theme I’m not aware of a single theme (or plugin) that covers any of what the Stallion plugin does. Similar SEO plugins use nofollow and noindex which are damaging.

You can kind of achieve some (not all) of the SEO features of the Stallion plugin by organising your blog correctly, like not using the dated archive widgets, not using broken WordPress plugins that allow parts of the plugin to be indexed, not creating loads of categories and tags (for most sites you only really need categories OR tags) but even then it’s not perfect (monthly archives, login/admin pages can still be indexed) and there’s no other plugin/theme that can redirect link benefit from home archives, categories, tags and search results whilst allowing your visitors to still use those aspects of the site, so I’ll be using this plugin on all my sites (takes time to install on 70+ WordPress installations: have it running on ~20 domains so far).

I’ve known for a long time how best to use WordPress for SEO and for years I’ve NOT used the monthly archive widgets on any of my sites (70-80 WordPress installations) for SEO reasons, but Google still manages to find some of the monthly archive pages despite the lack of links to them. If a page is indexed long term in Google there’s probably a link to it, either an internal link or an incoming link. The monthly archives have no SEO value (they’ll never rank for any useful searches, so no value having them indexed using link benefit) so any link benefit to them (from internal/incoming links) is partially wasted. The Stallion plugin recovers this link benefit like a 301 redirect.

If you’ve been running a blog for years and made the SEO mistake of using the monthly (or any dated) archives widgets (calendar widget as well) the Stallion SEO plugin will recover the wasted link benefit. The Stallion theme has never stopped users adding a monthly archive widget, (seriously considered removing those widgets) I’ve always advised users not to use dated archives (not everyone follows that SEO advise) and I set the Stallion custom monthly archive widget so it’s only loaded on the home pages so there isn’t 12+ sitewide links to date archives (such a waste of link benefit). If you’ve been using the standard sort of blog setup with monthly archives with the Stallion SEO theme you are still wasting link (not as much as with 99% of other themes). The Stallion SEO plugin will recycle this link benefit even if you keep the dated archives widget.

WordPress login and admin pages are regularly indexed (some by accident), the SEO plugin recovers any link benefit wasted and basically noindex those page (canonical URLs are like 301 redirects to Google).

A combination of the Stallion SEO theme and the Stallion SEO plugin covers almost all aspects of onsite SEO: running out of true SEO features to add :-)