The Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin Warnings is a Stallion SEO Theme feature activated and loaded at the bottom of the Stallion SEO Advanced options page.

This feature makes no changes to the All In One SEO Pack Plugin or the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin options etc… it is purely an information feature, basically informs you of the SEO mistakes and damage those WordPress SEO plugins can inflict on the average WordPress user that doesn’t fully understand SEO.

Did you know for example rel=”nofollow” and noindex deletes link benefit?

WordPress SEO Plugin Warnings

When active Stallion checks your

Stallion All In One WordPress SEO Plugin settings (Stallion WordPress SEO Theme V7.*).

Original All In One SEO Pack Plugin settings

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin settings

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin SEO Warnings

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin SEO Damage

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin SEO Damage

Good news is the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin author Joost de Valk finally removed the sitewide nofollow features (like nofollowing categories and comment links) which deleted a LOT of link benefit, but unfortunately still uses noindex (not as bad as nofollow) and includes nofollow on a post by post basis.

Since I can’t have code to check every single posts Yoast WordPress SEO settings if you are using the nofollow feature on your post/edit screens remember you are wasting a lot of link benefit.

Anyway, as you can see from the screenshot there’s a lot of possible SEO damage caused by the Yoast plugin! You can pretty much noindex an entire site and severely restrict a sites indexing.

For example if you noindex your categories, tags and other archives you waste all your second level link benefit. As link benefit flows from your homepage etc… through your categories and other archives around 155 of the link benefit is used to index and rank the archive pages. If you noindex your archives the 15% of link benefit achieves nothing, you throwing link benefit/PR away for no gain. It makes no SEO sense at all. If you plan to add a page to a site let Google etc… index it unless there’s a really good reason not to.

All In One SEO Warnings

Since the Stallion All In One (part of Stallion WordPress SEO Theme V7) and the Original All In One SEO Plugin use the same option names we only need one warning feature for both.

If Stallion finds you are using damaging WordPress SEO features you’ll be warned what settings cause SEO damage.

All In One SEO Pack Plugin

All In One SEO Pack Plugin

The above is all you should see if you have the best WordPress SEO settings. If not you will see something like this:

All In One SEO Pack Plugin SEO Damage

All In One SEO Pack Plugin SEO Damage

If you see red warnings I strongly suggest go change your All In One SEO Options to remove them.

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