I wrote this Social Media Marketing Courses article in 2008 when social media was still relatively new, turned out the Social Media Marketing System Course was all smoke and mirrors.

How to Make Money from Social Media Marketing

How to Make Money from Social Media Marketing

Brian Campbell (the owner of the course I reviewed) would get loads of new Facebook contacts, some of which would buy the full version of his social media marketing products, while those who didn’t pay were left to their own devices. Even those that paid didn’t appear to get much help connecting in a meaningful way with others beyond having a forum (which anyone could join): could get that from DigitalPoint forum or directly on Facebook groups etc…

In 2019 (latest update) I have multiple Twitter accounts, some with over 30,000 followers (in total around 500,000 followers), but even though some generate a LOT of activity, actually converting Twitter followers/impressions to hard cash is HARD!

Recently I’ve been testing out Twitter political marketing: not tried to sell anything yet, just testing.

Politics Twitter Account With Almost 10 Million Social Media Impressions

Brexit Politics Twitter Account Almost 10 Million Social Media Impressions

Brexit Politics Twitter Account Almost 10 Million Social Media Impressions

In the 3 months run up to the May 2019 European Election where the Brexit Party won 29 of the 73 UK MEP seats, my Brexit Politics Twitter account generated almost 10,000,000 Twitter impressions. That’s like pro Brexit ads being viewed millions of times.

That’s a potential value of £50,000 in election marketing on one Twitter account with no support from any political party!

Like with my old UK general election website in 2010, no one paid me a penny to manage the Twitter account or to Tweet, this is a hobby (I love politics). I also enjoyed running a social media Twitter test discovering what works best for political social media marketing and if it has enough value to offer as a service: I never offer a paid service until the concept is fully tested and I can see a potential ROI to clients.

I have a system in place which means I can Tweet a LOT at low effort, there’s room for scaling.

Question is can I make some money from this Twitter account?

Social Media Marketing Overview

True Success is Almost Always Built on Hard Work

True Success is Almost Always Built on Hard Work

Way back in 2008 my first Facebook profile was quickly deleted by Facebook, presumably because I was inviting too many people to be my friends (how the Social Media Marketing System I was following worked).

I created a new Facebook profile and didn’t go after friends so aggressively, have over 3,000 Facebook friends: send me a friend request, happy to link with others interested in similar niches.

Also signed up for Twitter, see my Personal Twitter Profile with close to 40,000 followers (I have multiple Twitter accounts). Didn’t really use it until 2017, now I use it to schedule Tweets to promote this website.

LinkedIn I’ve connect with over 7,500 users, as above with connecting with others. I don’t really use LinkedIn, I find most connections are only interested in self promotion.

Social Media Marketing Plan

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing

To be honest I don’t really have a plan of action for using social media networks to make more money. I think because I’ve found search engine optimization so successful it’s difficult to devote a lot of time to social media marketing when to date it’s had so little direct impact on earnings.

I like Twitter, I spend a lot of time arguing with people on Twitter about politics, but I’ve not found a way to convert it to hard cash so far (see earlier idea).

There’s SEO arguments Google are using social media signals in their ranking algorithm, but IME I’ve not noticed it. After years of SEO testing when I can’t see an obvious link between something I’m doing and ranking it strongly suggests if there is a link it’s weak: social media activity probably has no direct SEO value.

So right now social media marketing is an area I should be able to make money from, but SEO has been so lucrative for me it’s difficult to put a proven SEO marketing plan of action on the back burner to promote something I’ve had no success using.

Brian Campbell Social Media Marketing System Review

Evaluating a Product/Service Internet Marketing Advice

Evaluating a Product/Service Internet Marketing Advice

This was my early use review in 2008.

I thought it was time to look into social networking and stumbled upon a program called Social Media Marketing System.

Signed up for the free version of Social Media Marketing System and have signed up for FaceBook with an aim to build a large friends list and a FaceBook group.

Been looking into social networking and following the Social Media Marketing System for about 2 weeks and have:

295 FaceBook friends.

And three FaceBook groups, currently promoting 2 of them:

96 members for: SEO Secrets – Dealing with SEO techniques.
64 members for: AdSense Secrets – Dealing with AdSense placement etc… for high CTR.

Considering how little time I’ve put into this I’m doing better than I expected. Imagine starting a forum 2 days ago and getting 64 members in that time (that’s what I did for the AdSense Secrets group).

The long term aim of using FaceBook this way is to funnel your FaceBook friends and group members to your money sites, main aim is to build mailing lists (which I’ve never built, too much like hard work). Not really at that stage yet, so will add more about this later. So far social networking and the Social Media Marketing System is worth looking into.

Social Media Marketing Course Update

I was a member of the Brian Campbell Social Media Marketing System forum and there was talk of collaborations together, but reality was nothing came of it and considering my SEO skills you can imagine what I could achieve for/with others.

My opinion is it’s setup to take advantage of those without a clue about making money online: take advantage of them.

Be careful with free social media marketing courses, they are rarely truly free.

Update 2016: Have over 3,000 Facebook friends, 11,000 Twitter Followers, I ignore Google+, but have over 6,000 friends, about 4,000 Linkedin connections… Have ignored all but one of the Facebook groups I created, the AdSense one currently has over 3,000 members (the majority asked to join: have blocked hundreds of spammers). Still not making money directly due to social networks, for making money directly, complete waste of MY time.

Update 2019: Have over 3,500 Facebook friends, around 500,000 Twitter Followers over multiple accounts, Google+ died, about 7,500 Linkedin connections… I haven’t checked on my Facebook groups I created for years. Still not making money directly due to social networks, I use Twitter to schedule Tweets from sites like this one, but the click through rate is very low. I built a popular Brexit Politics Twitter account which I enjoy arguing about politics from. Money wise, still a waste of time.

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