Skegness is SO Bracing

Skegness is SO Bracing

Skegness is SO Bracing is the town slogan, Skegness endures cold northerly winds at times and it was believed the cold air was good for you. Apparently having cold winds was a selling point for Victorians who were planning a holiday to the coast!

I walk around a mile of the Skegness beach/coast almost everyday with my wife (lived in Skeg for over 13 yrs) and it’s very COLD in winter, it certainly is so bracing at times! As locals to the Skegness coast we enjoy the bracing winds from the North East in winter, means we get the Skegness beach pretty much all to ourselves for about 6 months a year: no Skegness holiday makers.

The Jolly Fisherman is a poster for the Great Northern Railways (GNR) created by artist John Hassall. It was commissioned in 1908 by GNR and is a well loved image for the seaside town embracing the Skegness is bracing tagline.

Hopefully my derivative Skegness SEO is SO Bracing won’t annoy too many locals (fingers crossed) as I use it to promote a local Skegness webdesign service.

We all have to make a living, mine is as an SEO in Skegness.

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