I published an article titled Skegness Electricians: Local SEO Case Study, it’s related to testing a new local SEO web design service I’m thinking about starting in 2020.

Skegness SEO is SO Bracing
Skegness SEO is SO Bracing

What I’m trying to discover is just how easy local Skegness business SERPs are and so I need a series of articles to test actual real Skegness SERPs like:

Each article in my tests will target at least one core phrase, the first test was Skegness Electricians, but since I didn’t actually create an article specifically about Skegness electricians I’m making my job more difficult: the first test also covers

  • Skegness SEO
  • Local SEO Case Study
  • SEO Case Study
  • and others…

I’ll also test other areas in Lincolnshire (population 750,000+) including Lincoln, Boston, Grantham, Cleethorpes, Spalding, Stamford, Gainsborough, Skegness, Louth, Sleaford, Bourne, Horncastle, Brigg, Alford…

The article you are reading now though another Skegness SEO test is specifically targeting Skegness SEO, this should rank top 3 for many relevant SERPs within a week.

Anyway, it’s been a couple of days since I published the Skegness electricians test and Google has indexed and started to rank it for relevant SERPs. This is VERY early days, these SERPs will change over the next few weeks (it’s December 22nd 2019 now: Merry Christmas everyone).

Let’s look at some early SERPs results…

Skegness SEO Google SERPs

Skegness Electricians 21st in Google on December 22nd 2019.

Considering I published the article a couple of days ago I’m OK with top 30, the webpage has just been indexed by Google and had no backlinks: I’ve added a few backlinks from another site, so those will help medium-term, but not yet (Google hasn’t had time to spider them). Also this website isn’t about Skegness or Electricians, so I had ZERO supporting articles at the time of publication to ‘support’ the SERPs.

Skegness Electricians Local SEO Google Rankings
Skegness Electricians Local SEO Google Rankings

What’s more useful to me as someone who is looking to start a local SEO web design service are SERPs like Skegness Electricians SEO. This traffic is far more qualified, but very low traffic and there’s an argument I shouldn’t be competing with potential clients. I could rank a webpage for Skegness Electricians, but that would make me a competitor: If I get a Skegness electrician as a client, I’ll have to beat my own website!

There are hundreds of small towns like Skegness in the UK, with my technical SEO skills and ability to write optimised content this is a marketing niche I could dominate: won’t be easy, means writing a LOT of new content.

The article is currently ranked number 1 in Google for Skegness Electricians SEO, you’ll also see another page on the site is ranked number 3 and under the image results, images from this site are ranked 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13 meaning only listings 8, 12, 14 and 15 aren’t mine out of the top 15: I’m VERY good at gaining Google image rankings.

In 2 days I’m dominating the “Skegness Electricians SEO” SERP without really trying.

Skegness Plumbers 41st in Google on December 22nd 2019.

That’s interesting, though there’s a section within the article about Skegness Plumbers, I didn’t target the content at that SERP at all. For example the exact phrase “Skegness Plumbers” is only used once (the article you are reading now uses Skegness Plumbers more than once). This indicates Skegness Plumbers is a relatively easy niche and ripe for SEO exploitation.

Skegness Plumbers Local SEO Google Rankings
Skegness Plumbers Local SEO Google Rankings

Like with the Skegness Electricians rankings I’m more interested in the Skegness Plumbers SEO type SERPs. You can see in the Google screenshot above the Skegness Electricians article is also ranked number 1 in Google for the Skegness Plumbers SEO SERP which I wasn’t targeting via that article at all.

This shows me how easy these local SEO SERPs are, it means I won’t have to create dozens of articles to target them one by one, I’ll be able to create a single article which targets a wide area: in principle I’ll be able to target Lincoln, Boston, Grantham, Cleethorpes, Spalding, Stamford, Gainsborough, Skegness, Louth, Sleaford, Bourne, Horncastle, Brigg, Alford etc… via a handful of articles (will be a case of trial and error to get the right balance).

Skegness Web Design 18th in Google on December 22nd 2019.

Another very interesting early test result, the article isn’t targeted at Skegness Web Design at all. There’s one H3 heading with the phrase Skegness Web Design and one other use of that phrase on the entire webpage (entire website: at the time of writing I don’t offer any local Skegness services or web design services). Strong suggestion that’s a very easy SEO niche.

For the record I don’t normally specifically target easy local SERPs, they have very low traffic and if you don’t actually offer the local service it’s not going to convert to a sale. It’s not that I don’t want the traffic, but it takes time to create content, so usually I’ll target semi-competitive SERPs and write content so the easy SERPs are also covered.

I do have a few articles targeting local SEO SERPs like Aylesbury SEO, but that’s more about punishing SEO comment SPAMMERS and email SPAMMERS like Web Consultancy: NEVER comment or email SPAM an SEO expert.

Skegness SEO 3rd in Google on December 22nd 2019.

Skegness Local SEO SERP
Skegness Local SEO SERP

Well that was easy! The Skegness Electricians article isn’t specifically targeted at the Skegness SEO SERP. To put things into perspective the exact phrase “Skegness SEO” and “SEO Skegness” isn’t used once within the article. The individual keywords Skegness and SEO are used a LOT: Skegness 60+ times, SEO 50+ times.

The article you are reading now targets the Skegness SEO SERP, I’ll be surprised if it’s not ranked number 1 in Google as soon as Google indexes it.

Local SEO Case Study and SEO Case Study NOT in the top 50 in Google on December 22nd 2019.

These are more competitive non-local SERPs, the Skegness electricians article is highly unlikely to rank top 10 for these without adding off-site SEO: that means backlinks.

Skegness Local SEO Looks Easy

Skegness Business Website Design
Skegness Business Website Design

It’s not a big shock that local Skegness SEO SERPs are relatively easy, Skegness has a population of around 20,000 people, it’s not a HUGE market, competition is relatively low.

That being said a local Skegness SEO web design business could make a good living from the local businesses. There’s hundreds of businesses here, if I can get one each of these:

  • Skegness Electrician
  • Skegness Plumber
  • Skegness Funeral Service
  • Skegness Marketing Service
  • Skegness Driving School
  • Skegness Dentist
  • Skegness Cleaning Service
  • Skegness Taxis
  • Skegness Removals
  • Skegness Roofer
  • Skegness Landscaper

That would be 10 SEO web design clients paying £1,000 or more a month each or over £120,000 worth of business a year.

Plumbers Near Me
Plumbers Near Me

Or niche a specific industry like plumbing, electricians or funeral services (one, not all of them) and look for clients countrywide or even worldwide.

The benefit of niching one sector is what works for a Skegness Electrician also works for a Redcar Electrician (Redcar population 36,000) and works for a Newhaven Electrician (Newhaven population 13,000) and pretty much works for all local electricians. Since there’s not that much difference between electricians and plumbing, what works for Skegness, Redcar, Newhaven Electricians also works for Skegness, Redcar, Newhaven Plumbers, London Plumbers etc…

My next piece of local SEO research was Plumbers Near Me SEO, I could have easily done the same research for Electricians Near Me SEO. The only major differences will be search volume, one will have more traffic/customers/clients.

Once you’ve built a few SEO case studies to see what works best it’s a case of rinse and repeat.

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