Local SEO Content Targeting is Important

Local SEO Content Targeting is Important

Low quality content article on a local Skegness electricians business website with no Skegness/Lincolnshire local SEO content targeting!

When building webpages/articles for a local business website you have to take the local SERPs into account.

The screenshot above is from http://www.hallgatelincs.com/fire-extinguishers.html.

Very little about the webpage is local SEO targeted.

The filename fire-extinguishers.html isn’t targeted at Skegness or Lincolnshire SERPs.

The title tag:

<title>Hallgate Fire Extinguishers</title>

Is partially brand targeted, but since Hallgate Lincs don’t create the actual fire extinguishers, no one is going to search for “Hallgate Fire Extinguishers”.

In the main content Skegness, Lincolnshire and similar location keywords aren’t mentioned at all!

This content could be used on almost any business website which sells/fits fire extinguishers in the UK.

The content has zero local SEO targeting and doesn’t support the businesses core service of offering electricians in Skegness etc… This is a Google local SEO fail.

Why would a potential customer buy a fire extinguisher from Hallgate Lincs?

Do Hallgate Lincs offer a fire extinguisher maintenance service?

Do Hallgate Lincs offer a discount when a customer buys a new fire extinguisher to replace an old one?

I’ve no idea from this article.

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