Server4you Unmanaged Dedicated Server Review

Server4you Unmanaged Dedicated Server Review

Up until 2007 I rented an unmanaged dedicated server with 512MB of RAM and 700GB monthly bandwidth from Server4you.

I never came close to using the monthly bandwidth Server4you supplies (99% of the content was text based so low bandwidth usage) but I later realized the 512MB of RAM was causing a bottleneck, which was apparently causing all the dedicated server problems!

I might have had high expectations, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask of experienced server support staff to be able to determine that when RAM usage is max’d out at over 99% all the time it’s going to cause intermittent dedicated server problems: at the time I didn’t realize that could cause problems with Apache, but not other areas of the server which is what I was experiencing

All I got from them is it’s not their problem, it’s an unmanaged server!

Had Server4you staff being actual dedicated server experts they’d have quickly diagnosed the issue as a lack of memory and suggested I upgrade the RAM or the dedicated server: they might have made more money from me.

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